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 February 8

by Carolina

Michelob ULTRA’s game day spot for its organic seltzer starts off like many commercials these days: a serious voice-over (from Christopher Walken, it seems in this case), cheesy explosions, and cameos from celebs. In a matter of seconds, we see Serena Williams, Usher, Lucy Liu, Sylvester Stallone, Maluma, and Megan Fox make appearances to promote the product.

Or do we?

There’s something off about these A-list stars’ appearances, and it becomes clear when we spot the real Don Cheadle.

“But in a world where most things seem real,” the Avengers star says, jumping off a helicopter onto a yacht. “Sometimes they’re not.”

He confronts his doppelgänger — played by his real-life brother Colin — who’s dressed exactly like him, reading scripts on the ship.

“Don Cheadle!” the doppelgänger exclaims

The actor replies, “Man, get off my boat.”

Behind a pair of binoculars, Cheadle then exposes the “famous” faces we’ve just seen, like Fox’s uncanny twin, whom he calls a “phony.”

And if you were wondering, the real stars were in on the joke, promoting versions of themselves in the commercial to confuse fans before it ran.

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