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 September 26

by Carolina

Doja Cat was called Amy Winehouse in high school.

A 25-year-old rap star revealed that she was likened to a “back to black” hit maker who died of alcoholism in July 2011 while she was a teenager because of her make-up style.

She explained: “I used to play giant cateyes and kids. [in my high school] I used to call me Amy Winehouse or some other name, and they thought it was interesting, but it wasn’t.

“I’ve learned how to make this cat eyeliner for years, and I’ve finally completed it.”

Doja, who became known for his unique style, eventually bought an eyeshadow palette and was just “crazy” about it.

“Juicy” hit maker Elle.com: “I had all the colors in the rainbow and got hooked on it. I definitely didn’t know how to prime my eyes so I couldn’t see anything so great But I continued. “

Meanwhile, Doja had previously confessed that he has been increasingly tied up on social media since he found fame.

Rappers were very enthusiastic about social media before releasing their debut album, Amala, in 2018, but Doja admits that they have become more cautious about posting in recent years.

She explained: “I used to use the periscope a lot. I used to live 10 to 12 hours at a time. It wasn’t good because I was making beats, but it was fun.

“I’ll just yell at people and bake, and they’ll be like,’Damn, why are you so angry?’” However, some people went with me because they thought it was interesting. At that time, I loved going with people, but I stopped because the platform was so big that I didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“You have power, you are seen in a particular way, and if you get into s *** with people, it doesn’t help you or them, and they break them you You can break you more than you can. “”

Doja Cat was called Amy Winehouse during her teens | Celebrities

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