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 October 28

by Carolina

There are many aspects to Philippine elections that make them one of the craziest in the world, from the bare-faced vote-buying to the mandatory dance numbers. One of the most enduring is the fact that celebrities here love running for office…and often win. Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto, Herbert Bautista, Richard Gomez, Vilma Santos – all of them are known not just for their star power, but their political power.

Based on our count, at least 35 showbiz personalities have filed their certificates of candidacy for local and national posts for the 2022 elections. From Claudine Barretto running for councilor, to Arjo Atayde running for congressman, to Robin Padilla running for senator, to Isko Moreno running for president, all slots in the government hierarchy have showbiz names gunning for them.

And yes, while name recall is a key factor as to why they get elected, it doesn’t necessarily mean their loyal fans are thrilled by their career move. So, we asked our readers how they felt if their favorite celebrity ran for public office, and this is what some of them had to say.

Some readers quickly looked past whether the candidates were celebrities or not, focusing instead on whether they were qualified regardless.

Others were more uncomfortable with the idea, pointing out that simply having the resources was not reason enough.

One reader had very specific expectations for candidates, and pointed out that most celebrities don’t fulfill the criteria.

Is being a public servant just a role they’re trying out for?

One reader pointed out that many of these personalities may have not-so-dignified motives for running.

Another would rather that farmers run instead of celebrities. Think it’s a good idea?

Others think celebrities should stay in their lane and stick to being entertainers.

Even the ABS-CBN shutdown issue was invoked – plus the fact that many showbiz personalities tend to get into trouble with the law to begin with.

Out of the all the arguments posted, though, this one probably said it best:

How about you? Would you support your celebrity idols if they ran in the 2022 elections? Why or why not? – Rappler.com

Original posted at www.rappler.com

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