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 October 7

by Carolina

Diplo claimed that the woman accusing him of sexual misconduct was an “obsessed fan” who had “harassed and intimidated” him for three years.

A 42-year-old DJ (real name Thomas Wesley Pentz) reportedly recorded a sexually explicit video of a woman without her permission, distributed at least one without her consent, and deliberately. You may be criminally liable for allegations of infection with Chlamydia. He has now countered the allegations, claiming that an unnamed woman is out just for revenge after biting her progress.

Diplo, who was accused of rape by a woman, wrote on Instagram: I call her “SA” (and you can easily find anything online) She was my crazy fan, and after I abandoned all contact with her, she It seems that the only purpose of my life was to confuse my work, my business harasses me and my close friends, attacks me and threatens my family. To be clear, SA wasn’t a minor when I talked to and had sex with her. Her own text message acknowledges this.

“I had a night of sex based on an agreement with her. Basically, SA contacted me and I declined several times but decided to meet her once. After the experience, we exchanged texts for several months, there was a small story, sexual flirting, she sent me photos and videos .. Eventually it got out of hand and she started When I realized that I stopped contacting her To get hooked on me, it started a nightmare of almost three years that she harassed and threatened my family and my friends I did.

“SA encouraged her friends and others to have a sexual experience, which made me suspect she was engaged in criminal activity and probably a call girl. It’s time. (Sic) “

Diplo claimed that the woman attacked him on “day and night” calls with various phone numbers and appeared regularly at his home, but he still tried to help her.

He continued. “I don’t think she’ll do any physical harm to me, but I’m worried she’ll do herself. We’re always on the high path when dealing with her. Our detective learned that after we rounded up many of her fake accounts, she was ordered to be detained earlier in Florida (more on this later). increase).

“She denied having a fake account and said her friend was catching her and pretending to be her … ?? Nothing makes sense and I think she’s this delusional I was really worried that it could be. “

The “One By One” hit maker claims that women’s behavior escalated when Jevon King was expecting his son’s pace.

He went on to say: A text message from a few years ago. The mother of my first two children had already disabled their Instagram account because they couldn’t receive all the hatred emails from what we believe to be SA’s fake accounts. (This is also a member who is blaming her for creating these fake accounts to attack my family). “

Diplo ended his long statement by expressing frustration with the fact that the woman’s previous allegations were “withdrawn or abandoned” with less attention.

“People in my life know who I really am. I will continue to do everything I can to end this with the most respect, but succumb to lies and harassment. plug.”

According to Buzzfeed, a law firm in Los Angeles is considering criminal charges for privacy infringement after a complaint was filed in October 2020 and deliberately giving someone a sexually transmitted disease. , The spokesperson downplayed the report.

“We are considering a referral and have no further comments at this time,” said the representative.

In July, the woman withdrew a civil suit against the producer.

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