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 July 21

by Carolina

Working in the hair industry for over a decade, celebrity hairstylist Bernardo Vasconcelos began his career in Brazil working with his mother, who is also a beauty expert. His passion for providing his clients with exceptional services encouraged him to take his entrepreneurial skills to America. It was here where he studied styling techniques in New York City and Los Angeles. Eventually he opened his own salon in London. This is where his career flourished.  

Vasconcelos in action

Bernardo Vasconcelos

Traveling the globe stimulates his entrepreneurial mind. He brings in elements of both art and styling in to his dynamic business model.

“I’m very proud of my story,” says the hardworking businessman. “I built my brand and my salons from the scratch without any investors. It was all done with my sweat, my drive, and my passion.” 

Vasconcelos with a client.

Bernardo Vasconcelos

After seven years of success, Vasconcelos has a strong team; successful beauty product line; and profitable margins at his prestigious UK location. His true claim to fame are his celebrity clients who fly from all over the world to get his exclusive Brazilian style technique known as Contour Signature Balayage. Notable clients include Krissy Cela, Luciana Giménez, Adriane Galisteu, Brenda Costa, and Daphne Joy.  

“As an entrepreneur what really inspires me is to see how much I can impact a person’s life,” states Vasconcelos. “It brings me great pride that we are changing the lives of our clients with beauty. And at the same time my employees’ successful careers are proof that we can achieve whatever we want. We dream big and we make it a reality.”  

Featured work in magazines and websites across the nations led to his salon merging contracts and licensing with shops in Manhattan, Miami, Santo Domingo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. Traveling to those places every month for business and training means he’s always in need of a place for a meeting on the go, especially in Brazil.  

Chez Claude

Chez Claude

For a perfect lunch setting he enjoys Chez Claude in Rio de Janeiro. Clients adore the modern French cuisine from the Troisgros Group. The open-air kitchen in the center of the room allows guests to see the chef in action. Recommendations on the menu include langoustine with palm heart fettuccine. For dessert do not miss the deconstructed mille feuille.  

Tordesilhas in São Paulo is fantastic for typical Brazilian dishes. For over 25 years entrees here have been prepared on wood stoves in a nod to traditional culinary techniques. The diversity of Brazil’s regions such as the Amazon are applauded with the tacacá, an Amazonian broth prepared with tucupi, jambu, tapioca and dried shrimp. The feijoada is delightful and there is also a Brazilian lunchtime favorite of bean, beef, and pork stew. And no meal is complete without a few libations from the cachaça menu.  



Vasconcelos also loves to hold business gatherings in his hometown of London.

 Ivy Chelsea Garden is an entrepreneur’s favorite for a meeting over cocktails. The restaurant is declaring this season “Summer of Love” and celebrating with food, drinks, and fantastic entertainment. There are vibrant colors, sensational sounds, and seasonal dishes alongside 1960s-themed cocktails. The extensive menus have been created by Executive Chef Sean Burbidge and are designed to offer an eclectic mix of modern British comfort food and international dishes.

 Ivy Chelsea Garden

 Ivy Chelsea Garden

The cocktails are the true standout items and include Fortunate Son with fresh mint, lemon and sugar shaken and topped with chilled Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne; Thank You for The Days with with Grand Marnier, Aperol, fresh orange juice, and Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne; and Flowers in Her Hair with Lanique Rose Liqueur, lychee juice, and Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne. Clients are always pleased when discussing new business ventures over these creative mixologist selections.  

Another option in London is the brand new Amazonico. Take your clients on a sensory journey along the Amazon River and through Latin America at this fantastic hotspot. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Mayfair on Berkeley Square. The owners Sandro Silva and Marta Seco brought the concept over from Spain. Open from lunch until late, discover an immersive environment of rainforest-inspired lush greenery and natural materials designed by internationally renowned artist Lázaro Rosa-Violan.  



Nightly jazz performances entertain diners during your business meeting as you enjoy such delights as Tequeños, which are marinated chicken rolls with tybo cheese and coriander sauce; as well as Merluza Negra, a Chilean bass with sweet plantain and coconut milk.  

Next up for this colorful businessman are plans to expand his haircare line within a year with new hair masks, shampoo oils, and deep treatments. In 2022, new branches are set to open in Kuwait and Dubai, followed by one in West Palm Beach in 2023. Additionally, he is writing a book on entrepreneurship and how to work with an international team. 

With plans to expand his brand across the globe, Vasconcelos continues to hold colorful meetings at some of the most vibrant restaurants on the planet.

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