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 July 6

by Carolina

Diane Kruger’s mom thinks she can’t wear a short dress “too old”.

The 44-year-old actress performed a chic ensemble at the Louis Vuitton Parfum Dinner in Paris, France on Monday (05.07.21), but her mother was not very keen on choosing clothes. I confessed.

She uploaded a snapshot from the party and took it in the bathroom with the caption: And that gorgeous ring is probably too expensive for me. I love mom … Thank you for this super cool dress / top @LouisVuitton. (Sic) “

Diane, meanwhile, previously admitted that “only her daughter is important” to her.

The actress and model, who brought her child to the world with her partner Norman Reedus in late 2018, admitted that she wasn’t ready to become a parent when she became pregnant, but what happened was her plan. I’m glad I changed and gave her a baby.

She said, “For a long time I didn’t have a desire to have a child. I had a habit and I was fine … in a nutshell, I wasn’t ready. On the other hand, life wanted me. The daughter arrives at the right time.

“I was surprised. It’s one of the great things. When I continued acting during my pregnancy and quit my job before giving birth, I didn’t feel at ease and the stupid feeling of losing my role. Now the only important thing is My daughter. It’s okay if I don’t sleep for 24 hours. I quit traveling with my luggage in the mountains. I used to fly with my baggage alone … but I took a 6-month break to enjoy it to the fullest. Please take. “

Diane Kruger’s Mom’s Fashion Advice | Celebrities

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