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 October 19

by Carolina


  • “Dear Earth” will include musical performances and comedic shorts
  • The Muppets, Tinashe and SpongeBob SquarePants are appearing on the show
  • The show is a part of YouTube’s sustainability-centered programs for October

The “Dear Earth” trailer premiered Monday and featured a roster of celebrities and social media content creators. The 100-minute YouTube original show on climate change will stream on Saturday.

The teaser opens with an animated video showing an oak tree lashing at humans for “destroying the earth,” followed by a clip of Billie Eilish saying, “It is our responsibility to deal with climate change.”

The short trailer also shows Blackpink’s Rosé saying, “Our generation has to come together. We must work towards saving the Earth” over footages of climate change protests everywhere. In the middle of the video, a man is shown pedaling a stationary bicycle with a voice-over saying, “We can use our science for self-reliance.” 

“Celebrate Mother Earth – the only known entity to actually birth the human race – with this special YouTube Original that highlights how we should be solving climate problems. ‘Dear Earth’ shows us the latest in innovation, technology, and the sustainable revolution that’s about to take place,” the caption read.

The informative program will be released on Saturday as a kick-off to YouTube’s month-long originally produced shows focusing on healing the planet. “Dear Earth” will include musical performances, comedic shorts, keynote addresses and special appearances of well-known personalities who will share ways to practice sustainable living.

The list of personalities that will be featured in “Dear Earth” includes former President Barack Obama, Desmond Tutu and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Aside from Eilish and Blackpink, other celebrities who are appearing for the sustainability-themed YouTube original are The Muppets, Tinashe, SpongeBob SquarePants, Jaden Smith, Anitta, Lil Dicky + GaTa and Marsai Martin. YouTube creators Asapscience, Brave Wilderness, Bretman Rock, Dream, Jack Harries, Odd1sOut, PhysicsGirl and ZHC are also appearing.

YouTube earlier announced the special during the 2021 Summer Television Critics Association press tour in September and said that the show was a part of its October sustainability-centered programming, as reported by Billboard

Aside from “Dear Earth,” YouTube Originals will also launch more environmental shows like “Seat at the Table” on Oct. 25, “Shut if Off ASAP” on Oct. 26, “Brave Mission: Rewild the Planet” on Oct. 27, “Signals” on Oct. 28, “Climate Games” on Oct. 23 and the TED Countdown on Oct. 30.

blackpink 22 22. “How You Like That” also broke a YouTube record – On June 26, 2020, Blackpink broke the record for biggest video premiere on the video streaming platform. Roughly 1.65 million fans watched the unveiling of their music video for “How You Like That,” the lead single from their first Korean-language studio album, “The Album.” Photo: Youtube/ BLACKPINK/ YG Entertainment

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