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 May 27

by Carolina

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston were “crushed by each other” while filming “Friends.”

The 54-year-old actor admitted to his co-star that he had a “big love” when he first started working with him in 1994. The emotions were interrelated, but one of them was always in a relationship, so it didn’t appeal to me. ..

Regarding the show’s reunion special, David acknowledges:

“The first year or two had moments of snuggling up on the couch, and I was wondering if anyone knew we were being crushed by each other. One of us always had a relationship. It was a situation where we couldn’t do anything because we didn’t cross that boundary. We respected it. “

The rest of the cast admitted to hosting James Corden, but Jennifer agreed that they could never act on their charm, but they just kissed each other and it was As part of the story of their characters, Ross Geller and Rachel Green, who admitted that they thought it was “sorry.”

She states: “It was a reciprocating motion. We slept together on the couch with a spoon. I remember telling David if the first kiss was on national television, but that was the case.

“We turned all our praise and love for each other to Ross and Rachel.”

But Courteney Cox thinks it was “probably good” that David and Jennifer had never been absorbed in real life.

She said. [get together]”It may not have been so good for the show.”

The pair came in after the cast recently revealed that there was an “implicit rule” of not dating each other.

Matthew Perry said: “For us six, maintaining friendship was very important. Hooking up could have happened something weird that could ruin things, and we really are to this day. I’m a good friend. “

“We didn’t want to endanger the wonderful relationships and friendships we had established. It was a kind of implicit rule,” added David.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston “crushed each other” | Celebrities

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