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 September 16

by Carolina

The Dame Barbara Windsor monument will be held next year.

The “carry-on” actress died in December at the age of 83, but due to coronavirus restrictions, only 30 people were able to attend the funeral in January. So the widow Scott Mitchell said, “I need to deal with it, but I am keen to plan a bigger celebration of her life.” First his sorrow.

He told the Daily Mirror:

“I have to give myself time-only nine months after she died. It’s still in process.

“But there will be something next year. All her friends who couldn’t attend the funeral will get together to remind her of her.”

The “carry-on” star was honored on her birthday last month when Scott announced the plaque in honor of her, and he admitted that it was a “difficult” moment.

He states: “I will always have a difficult day. I wanted to do everything I could for Barbara to let her know that she was in my mind.”

Meanwhile, Ross Kemp, who praised Barbara’s funeral, reveals that his office has a special monument to his mother on the screen of his “EastEnders” to remember his beloved friend. I made it.

He states: “I have a picture of her in my office. When I first met her, she virtually gave me that picture.

“It’s her in her twenties, it has a special message.

“She’s timeless. As you can see from the plastics washed away in the ocean, we’re very nimble, temporary, and disposable, but she’s pretty timeless. increase.

“I hope people keep remembering how wonderful she was.”

Dame Barbara Windsor Memorial next year | Celebrities

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