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 August 8

by Carolina

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The smoke hasn’t slowed down Hot August Nights. Car fans are still flocking to show and shines and participants are still hoping to bring awards home. One such award is the Celebrity Choice KOLO TV Ribbon.

The decision fell on KOLO 8 News Now’s Ed Pearce to choose which car would win the award. He ultimately decided to award Karen Humphries from Colfax. Her car is a purple, 1946 Ford. Her and her family lovingly refer to it as the “Purple People Eater.”

Humphries’ father build the car for himself and his wife. The first time the family took it out was in 2009. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2010.

“He never fixed all the quirks and the little things out of it,” said Humphries. “So we’re still doing it. It’s 13 years old now. We love it.”

Kevin Shultz, Humphries’ brother, says he’s happy to finally win an award.

“We’ve been coming here for ten years and never sniffed an award,” said Shultz. “And it’s just amazing that they have celebrity choices and we won this year.”

The award closes out a tough week on a high tone for Humphries and her family. She’s from Colfax, which has been threatened by the River Fire.

“Fire burned a house within one mile of my house,” she said. “My house is still standing so I’m blessed there.”

Now that they have an award under their belt, the plan is to keep the tradition going for their parents.

“It just means that we have to keep the tradition going,” said Schultz. “We bring 4 cars, 5 cars up here every year. We just have to keep up with the tradition for Mom and Dad.”

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