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 August 26

by Carolina

It’s official: Throwback hairstyle I have a little time and the claw clip may be the biggest. Not only that. Every time you open Instagram or TikTok, you will probably be attacked by: Wedding style tendrils, A small hair clip, and Baby braid.. (I know I am.) But the humble nail clips are my glittering pins, flashy scrunchies, and Everything studded with pearls..

For me, claw clips have always been practical. As far as I can remember, my mom wore a plain tortoiseshell when cooking. In elementary school, I used tortoiseshell to prevent my hair from hitting my face. It wasn’t what I wanted to wear again until my pre-Covid trip when I was walking through a discount store in Tokyo. There was: The cutest pink clip. I decided to use it to hold down my hair in the night routine, so I bought it on a whim.

At first the new claw clip didn’t come out of my house, but suddenly I started seeing it everywhere I looked.It seemed that all the Instagram girls wore candy-colored Emijay overnight clip, And more sophisticated versions appeared on the left and right in celebrity paparazzi shots. And it hit me: Claw clip is officially chic..

Claw clips are fully generated Ever flash forward and never leave the house without putting a claw clip in your hair, pushing it into your wallet (or sometimes clipping it to your wallet strap). Yes, that’s amazing in its main job-holding a lot of hair with minimal effort-what I like most about clips is its versatility.

My first adventure in wearing claw clips outside the house was a visual comedian, Shining Podcast Caroline Gold Farb dubbing Bridget broke dot.. Basically, it stacks a bunch of hair in half and cuts it, leaving curly or bangs on the bangs. It’s romantic, easy, and insanely flattering. A half-up with several pieces around the front surrounds your face in a very clean way. Somehow it looks bad hair day fixed and all the outfits put together a little more.

With my favorite nail clip right now

Bella Cacciatore

A comfortable French twist secured with a claw clip has become a trend on TikTok, but the perfect look for the following celebrity models: Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, When Hailey beaver Is a smooth dumpling where the clip holds everything together. It looks like a very 90’s supermodel and somehow feels fresh and modern. The smoothness of the dumplings seems to be gathered together, but the clip of the nail is “Oh, this old one?” Charm and fun. I’ve never been crazy about smooth hair, but the ease of use of the clip makes it feel like it’s completely worn. What’s more, this style allows you to actually show off cute clips. It feels like you’re wearing jewelry on your hair.

Sure, there are luxury options, but my favorite about this trend is that most clips clock in for less than $ 25. Believe me when I say you will resurrection them and will not regret it.

Buy the best claw clips below.

France Luxe’Couture’ Joe Clip

Urban Outfitters Flower Claw Clip

6 packs of large clear hair claws

Yellow Daisy Emi Jay Big Effing Clip

Virgo’s Emi Jay Big Effing Clip

Urban Outfitters Color Block Claw Clip

Bella Cacciatore Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_..

Claw Clip Hairstyles Celebrities Love — Best Claw Clips 2021 Source link Claw Clip Hairstyles Celebrities Love — Best Claw Clips 2021

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