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 October 13

by Carolina


Not all Cincinnatians love the Bengals or Reds. And perhaps some don’t like our incredible local beers. However, almost all Queen City natives enjoy Cincinnati chili.

Do we have the numbers to prove this? No. But disliking a three-way or cheese coney is sacrilegious in these parts.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Cincinnati chili – yes, the iconic dish has been around 10 decades – we asked some of the more notable people from our great city to give us their go-to chili orders.

Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a chili deluxe burrito (all chili, no bean mix) and about 10 coneys with everything on them from Skyline Chili. However, I doubt you care about my order.

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From movie stars to politicians and athletes, here are the go-to orders for local celebrities.

Go-to chili orders for Cincinnati celebrities

Arts and entertainment

Emilio Estevez: Perhaps one of Cincinnati’s most famous residents, the actor and filmmaker known for “The Breakfast Club” and “The Outsiders” (although I was a big “Mighty Ducks” guy) orders half diet/half regular Dr. Pepper, two cheese coneys with no onions and an order of fries to share. He also likes oyster crackers split in two and filled with hot sauce. While he frequents Skyline whenever he wants Cincinnati chili, he says ”you can’t go wrong with Camp Washington’s historic vibe.”

Sarah Jessica Parker: “Sex and the City” or Sex and the Cincy? The famous actress credits the Queen City for starting her acting career, and she seems to have fond memories at the Clifton Skyline. Parker even visited Skyline during her recent trip to Cincinnati. Her go-to order? “Always a large three-way.”

Gee Horton: The visual artist’s go-to Gold Star order is a veggie chili cheese sandwich with mustard, onions and habanero cheese.

Jeff Christian Jr.: Christian tried finding love on “Love Island USA,” but the Colerain High School alum seems to know he might receive hate for liking Gold Star over Skyline. He enjoys a cheese coney with onions and mustard, and a three-way.

J.R. Cassidy: We, of course, had to give our neighbors in Kentucky some love. The founder of the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra likes visiting any chili parlor. He’s up late, so whichever one is open gets his business. Cassidy orders two coneys with no cheese and light onion. He also gets the cheese on the side for his dog, or for his son whenever he is in town.

Business owners

Jeff Ruby: The popular restauranteur had perhaps the best quote of any celebrity we asked. This also came after he had recently received a care package from Skyline. “I call it a wet SOC: Spaghetti, onions and chili, wet with extra drippings from the chili to make it juicy. First time I ordered it about 20 years ago they took me literally (because) they never heard of it that way. A wet sock was delivered with the order. It was all in fun. I knew the kid who prepared my order. I think they now prepare it my way but don’t call it a wet SOC. I think they call it juicy.”

Khisha Asubuhi: The former basketball player for Cincinnati State and Indiana University is also known for her Originalitees apparel shop. She is a big fan of the Skyline three-way.

Local officials

Aftab Pureval: Cincinnati’s mayor enjoys a regular four-way with onions and two coneys with everything on them.

Colleen Hanycz: Xavier University’s president says her order is a Skyline “cheese coney all day long.”

Jill Meyer: The president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber enjoys two chili cheese sandwiches with mustard and onions from Gold Star.

Dr. O’dell Owens: Owens, the former Hamilton County coroner and influential Cincinnati health care voice, goes down a couple of different routes when visiting Skyline. When he’s happy, he takes a coney with everything. However, if he wants to be healthier, Owens orders a coney without bread.


Anthony Brooks: He is possibly the most recognized Bengals fan in the Queen City. Tony Da Tiger enjoys a three-way and a cheese coney (no onion) from Gold Star. He also enjoys extra crispy chili cheese fries.

Adam Kunkel: The Xavier basketball guard and Cooper High School in Northern Kentucky alum said he orders a three-way from Skyline.

Byron Larkin: One of the greatest players in Xavier Musketeers history, Larkin enjoys a regular three-way and two cheese coneys.

Annie Sabo: The “Reds Live” host on Bally Sports and daughter of former Reds All-Star Chris Sabo says she’s a “Skyline fanatic,” adding that she “can down two to three cheese coneys (no mustard) with ease.” Oh, and you can’t forget the crackers.

Kelsey Mitchell: She’s a Princeton grad and a WNBA star for the Indiana Fever, but when she’s not draining shots, Mitchell enjoys eating Gold Star. Go-to order? A five-way with beans and onions.

Mary Wineberg: Wineberg won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008 when she was part of the U.S. 4×400 relay team. However, when she isn’t outrunning the person lined up next to her, the UC graduate likes a Skyline three-way with habanero cheese.

Miyan Williams: The star Ohio State University running back from Winton Woods likes coneys with no cheese, a sprinkling of onion and mustard from Gold Star.

Mo Egger: Your favorite local sports radio host enjoys “four cheese coneys with mustard and onion, and a half sweet/half unsweetened iced tea” from Skyline.

Paris Johnson Jr.: The Ohio State offensive lineman from Princeton High School likes ordering coneys with cheese, onions and hot sauce from Camp Washington.

Wes Miller: He is somewhat new to the Queen City, but the Cincinnati Bearcats’ basketball coach doesn’t seem to mess around when it comes to chili. He enjoys two coneys with everything, a three-way, crackers and hot sauce and a side of chili ranch sauce.

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