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 October 16

by Carolina

After a miscarriage, Chrissy Teigen “feels like he was sucked into the couch.”

In 2020, Clichy and her husband John Legend (with Luna 5 and Miles 3 kids) announced they were hoping for a third child to be together. However, Clichy suffered from partial placental abruption, and the baby named Jack was stillborn.

Now, Clichy shared a photo of herself in the depths of her sorrow via Instagram as she tried to handle the loss of her son.

She writes: Little jack. As I said before, to distract from trauma, pain and sadness, I started writing absolutely immediately. But not all days were productive. It was during this time that I really believed that Adina was sent by God. When I say this book saved me, I mean it. It was Adina. Everyone loves it. NS. “

The photo shows Clichy curled up on the couch. Cookbook co-author Adina Sasman put some of the food in a bowl next to her.

Clichy, 35, previously shared a post on how to remind her every day that her body lost Jack.

She explained: “It’s really strange to lose a baby and your body pauses in time. Usually you get your” Yumium. Gain weight and then put on a small bebe weight. Ideally Will give birth to a baby, and you will feed it from your boobs and your body will charge and know what to do to bring you back into battle. The shape it is Whatever it takes, how long does it take (F *** snapback).

“But a man. When you lose a baby on the way, your body just pauses. It has nothing to do with it. No one feeds. And you’re just … stuck. Milk bag, I’m stuck with the hanging boobs that were preparing my belly. It was ready to bake. I lie if I say this isn’t a big deal. You’re very hmm, just horribly sad But every time I look in a terrible mirror, I have this daily reminder. “

Chrissy Teigen details post-miscarriage sadness | Celebrities

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