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 August 4

by Carolina

Chris Martin turns to Shane Warne when “writing music is hampered.”

A 44-year-old Coldplay frontman and a 51-year-old former cricket star have been close friends since meeting at a hotel elevator in 2001, and Shane reveals that Chris confesses when he’s having music problems. I made it.

Shane describes men’s health in Australia as follows: “Catching up with one of my best friends, Chris Martin, does a very simple thing. When I go to his place in LA, I go for a walk. Hill. He goes,” Yes, my first “Five”, and he will say anything in his mind, whether it’s a block of music writing, whether it’s his child. , I will talk about my 5 things. Then we sit down and talk about it all. “

And Shane said lack of judgment was one of the key factors in their friendship.

He explained: “You talk about ordinary things like everyone else. It’s about friendship. Real friends never judge. I don’t judge friends, they don’t judge me. But they I know I’m always there for them, and I know they’re there for me, and even if you don’t talk for a year, when you catch up it’s You seem to have seen them yesterday, not friends. “

Shane and Chris have been on good terms for 20 years, and Shane previously explained: I used to hang out on the phone several times. He is a really nice person. “

Chris Martin’s Music Advice from Shane Warne | Celebrities

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