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 September 8

by Carolina

China continues to push hard against “celebrity culture” with a group of K-pop fans becoming the latest victims of the crackdown. 

Chinese social media site Sina Weibo has suspended 22 K-pop fan accounts for “irrational star-chasing behaviour”. They include fans of Korean pop band BTS who crowdfunded on the platform to customise an aeroplane for singer Park Ji-Min’s 26th birthday.

Weibo accused one K-pop fan account of “illegal fundraising” for the stunt.

Making the suspension official, Weibo issued a statement: “The company firmly opposes such irrational star-chasing behaviour and will deal with it seriously.” It also added that they pledge to “purify” online discussions and “regulate community order” on its platform.

Currently, the BTS accounts have a ban for 60 days during which they will be unable to make any social posts. Other accounts supporting K-pop acts Blackpink, GOT7 and EXO – who have Chinese members – were given 30-day bans.

China is currently taking the fan culture seriously as they even published guidelines saying they would ban broadcasts by “vulgar internet celebrities” and “feminine-looking men” because they do not portray the values the country wants to promote. China’s Communist Party is also worried about the influence of celebrities on the country’s values. Thus, Chinese actress Zhao Wei, was erased from China’s internet, with her films and TV shows taken off streaming platforms and her fan page deleted from Weibo. Social media users were also censored when trying to discuss Zhao, who starred in films like ‘My Fair Princess’ and ‘Shaolin Soccer’. China bans ‘effeminate styles’ and ‘incorrect politics’ from screens

Meanwhile, BTS billboard was taken down in Pakistan too after comments were raised against the K pop group for “promoting homosexuality” something is prohibited in Islam. BTS has 23 records at Guinness World Records’ Hall of Fame

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