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 January 15

by Carolina

Host Pat Sajak told Terri Hatcher ‘It’s real and it’s spectacular’ — a blast from her Seinfeld past that she didn’t seem to notice on the show

                            'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' Episode 2: Who did Teri Hatcher play on 'Seinfeld'? Fans upset 'she just moved on'

Terri Hatcher as Sidra Holland in ‘Seinfeld’ (NBC)

On the latest episode of ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’, host Pat Sajak and Vanna White were joined by none other than fellow game show host Drew Carey, ‘This is Us’ actor Chrissy Metz and the ‘Desperate Housewives’  bombshell Teri Hatcher, who seems to have long “moved on” from her ‘Seinfeld’ days. That’s right! Hatcher was very much a part of the American sitcom that still ranks high when it comes to a cult following among the masses.

But it looks like Hatcher needs to brush up her memory a little bit because when Sajak made a reference to one of the signature phrases from the show, she either was too lost in playing for a million dollars or simply couldn’t connect the dots. Not right away,  at least. 

The revelation came on the second episode of the brand new celebrity spin-off of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ airing on ABC starting this January. As is the norm, each episode sees three celebrities spinning the wheel and playing to answer and solve puzzles on the game show with their winnings going to a charity of their choice. Drew Carey played for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, while Metz played for Blessings in a Backpack, and Hatcher for The People’s Concern.

Terri Hatcher as Sidra Holland in ‘Seinfeld’ (NBC)

In due course of the episode, when Hatcher asked if she could really spin for a million, Sajak quipped “It’s real and it’s spectacular.” For those who don’t absolutely remember, the line comes from Hatcher’s appearance on ‘Seinfeld’ as Sidra Holland, the girlfriend of Jerry who dumps him because he and Elaine think her breasts are fake.

Sidra leaves Jerry calling him mentally ill, and adding “And,  by the way, they’re real… and they’re spectacular!” But years down the line, Hatcher does not seem to remember the line from the show’s Season 4 Episode 19 titled ‘The Implants’ that aired 27 years ago in 1993.

Fans don’t forget and were clearly left not pleased by Hatcher not immediately catching on her line either. Although later Hatcher not only grabbed the hint and said it the classic Sidra way, Twitter was already buzzing with complaints by then. A fan said: “Pat Sajak said just now on ‘[email protected]’ to Teri Hatcher: ‘It’s real and it’s spectacular’ (about the $1 million wedges) And she didn’t even notice!!”

Others hopped in saying “Pat Sajak said, ‘It’s real and it’s spectacular’ to Teri Hatcher on [email protected] (about the $1 million wedge) and she just moved on.” And some were kind enough to consider “Think @HatchingChange may have missed @patsajak ’s well-placed use of ‘It’s real, and it’s spectacular’ on [email protected]

Pat Sajak said just now on ‘Celebrity @WheelofFortune’ to Teri Hatcher: “It’s real and it’s spectacular”(about the $1 million wedge)

And she didn’t even notice!! 😂😂😂

— Mauler (@MaulerMauler) January 15, 2021

Pat Sajak said, “It’s real and it’s spectacular” to Teri Hatcher on Celebrity @WheelofFortune (about the $1 million wedge) and she just moved on.

— Micheline Maynard (@MickiMaynard) January 15, 2021

So what do you think? Does she really not remember or was she too preoccupied to pick up Easter eggs? ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ airs on Thursdays at 8 pm on ABC.

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