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 July 3

by Carolina

1. Yeo Jin-goo and Kim Min-jae

Truly the body doubles of K-drama, rising actors Yeo Jin-goo and Kim Min-jae are often mistaken for each other, and the stars themselves get numerous comments on how closely they resemble each other.

They were actually university classmates. In past interviews, Kim, 24, revealed that he is so used to comments about his resemblance to Yeo, 23, that they no longer affect him. But he adds that while people tend to believe they sound alike, Yeo, who began his career as a child actor, has a much deeper voice.

Both are seeing their careers take off. Yeo starred in the popular fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna (2019), while Kim’s supporting role in the medical drama Dr Romantic (2016) and its 2020 sequel, as well as his leading role in last year’s music-themed romance, Do You Like Brahms?, has gained him legions of fans.

2. Yook Sung-jae and Seo In-guk


In an adorable K-drama and K-pop crossover, boy band BtoB’s Yook Sung-jae, 26, and Seo In-guk, 33, the swoon-worthy lead of recent romance fantasy drama Doom At Your Service, could definitely pass as siblings.

Besides their almond-shaped eyes and full lips, they also have the uncanny ability to switch from smouldering to cute in an instant.

Perhaps they could collaborate in a drama or a song – Yook has acted in the fantasy drama Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020), while Seo was a prolific singer in the earlier part of his career before his big acting break in 2012’s nostalgic coming-of-age series Reply 1997.

3. Hwang In-yeop and Lee Joon-gi


The defining facial feature that K-actors Hwang In-yeop and Lee Joon-gi share is their alluring phoenix eyes.

Named after the mythical creature and often termed “dan feng yan” in Chinese, it refers to an eye shape that slopes slightly downwards at the inner corner, but sweeps upwards to one’s temple at the outer corner – resembling the tail of a phoenix.

Lee’s expressive eyes made him shine in period movie The King And The Clown (2005), one of his earliest films, and the 39-year-old has enjoyed a steady ascent since. His most recent drama, last year’s thriller Flower Of Evil, garnered strong ratings.

Meanwhile, Hwang, 30, a relative rookie who made his debut as a model in 2017, has taken on supporting and major roles in dramas such as last year’s 18 Again and True Beauty (2020 to 2021).

4. Park So-dam and Suga


Actress Park So-dam of South Korea’s first Oscar-winning Best Picture, Parasite (2019), and rapper Suga from boy band BTS both represent the Korean wave sweeping the globe, but the two have more than that in common.

Their monolids, delicate nose and fair skin make them look like siblings.

The resemblance was particularly striking when Park, 29, starred in the 2016 drama Cinderella With Four Knights, in which she sported a pixie cut.

A similar haircut has been seen on Suga, 28, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi, plenty of times.

The two also exude similar on-screen vibes – with Park’s street-smart, cynical younger-sister role in Parasite and Suga’s intimidatingly cool persona in his solo work.

5. Billkin and Zhang Ruoyun


Thai actor Putthipong Assaratanakul, popularly known as Billkin, got his big break in Thai boys’ love drama, I Told Sunset About You, last year.

The drama was a hit regionally, including in China, where the 21-year-old has a fan base.

Chinese netizens were quick to point out that Billkin, with his puppy-dog eyes, looks like Zhang Ruoyun, 32, the leading man of Chinese period drama Joy Of Life (2019), although Zhang is 11 years older.

The resemblance is especially marked when they smile, but Billkin retains a more boyish aura, while Zhang – a husband and father of one – is the more mature version.

6. Tong Yao and Zhang Ziyi


A well-known pair of doppelgangers in Chinese entertainment, Nothing But Thirty (2020) actress Tong Yao, 34, has been given the nickname Little Zhang Ziyi since her debut days.

The title was hard to shake off, given the global fame of film actress Zhang, 42, who received international acclaim for her role in Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005).

But Tong’s portrayal of a career woman whose husband cheats on her with a younger woman in Nothing But Thirty touched audiences and helped push the drama to become one of the biggest C-drama hits of last year.

It helped establish Tong as an A-list C-drama actress with chops, instead of a mere Zhang lookalike.

7. Reyizha Alimjan and Cecilia Cheung


Another well-known pair of “sisters” in Chinese entertainment are beauty Reyizha Alimjan, of Kazakh descent, and Hong Kong star Cecilia Cheung, who have similar facial features.

Cheung, 41, known for Stephen Chow movies like King Of Comedy (1999), was famous long before Reyizha, 34, who made her drama debut in the juggernaut hit Empresses In The Palace (2011).

Reyizha quickly became known as “Little Cecilia Cheung” in her early years, but has since been recognised in her own right, with critically acclaimed C-dramas like Minning Town (2021).

The two do share another similarity – Reyizha announced the birth of her daughter last year, but kept the identity of her partner quiet.

Cheung gave birth to her third son in 2018 – she has two older sons with her ex-husband, Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse, 40 – but remained mum on who the child’s father was.

8. Kazuya Kamenashi and Takeru Satoh


Japanese boy band KAT-TUN’s member Kazuya Kamenashi, 35, and Japanese actor Takeru Satoh, 32, can be body doubles, especially when they sport the same hairstyle.

Both have sharply contoured faces, perfect for pulling off icy stares. They also have similar lips – thinner on the top and full on the bottom.

Career-wise, Kamenashi is known for his boy band activities – the group recently celebrated their 15th anniversary – but he also has memorable dramas to his name, such as Nobuta Wo Produce (2005).

Meanwhile, audiences can catch Satoh in the liveaction Rurouni Kenshin film franchise (2012 to 2021), based on the action manga of the same name.

9. Yao Chun-yao and Tony Sun


If you have seen Taiwanese actor Yao Chun-yao, 36, in television series like The Mirror (2019) and the Golden Horse Award-winning film Dear Tenant (2020), you might think for a moment you were seeing a young Tony Sun on-screen.

The two have strikingly similar side profiles, with monolids and a prominent nose bridge, although Sun, 43, came to fame much earlier than Yao as the leader of the once regionally popular boy band 5566.

Taiwanese actress Tseng Wan-ting was struck by their resemblance.

The 39-year-old, who worked with Sun as his love interest on the long-running soap opera Love (2013 to 2015), told Yao when they both guest-starred on an dating variety show recently: “My most famous drama to date is with Tony, so now I feel a bit confused, like ‘Which one am I dating?'”

10. Hsai Yu-chiao and Vivian Sung


Taiwanese host Hsia Yu-chiao, 36, and Our Times (2015) actress Vivian Sung, 28, look so alike that they often fend off questions as to whether they are related.

Although the two are not related by blood, they are friends. In a travel vlog series posted last year on the YouTube account of Taiwanese actress Esther Liu, 32, the two could pass off as twins, sitting side by side with their similarly bright smiles and big eyes.

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