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 June 6

by Carolina

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Coventry has had its fair share of celebrities grace its streets over the years.

Many celebrities, including Gillian Barber, Robin Parkinson, and Pete Waterman were either born in, lived in, or have had connections to Coventry.

Coventry is also a popular destination for filming, having appeared in iconic films and television shows, such as The Italian Job (1969); Keeping Up Appearances (1990 – 1995); and Nativity! to name but a few.

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However, CoventryLive asked readers to share some of their own personal encounters with the rich and famous in Coventry.

Here is what some had to share:

The Nativity! series filmed some scenes in West Orchards shopping centre

The Nativity! series filmed some scenes in West Orchards shopping centre

Jason Mctighe said: “I saw the great Tom Baker, Dr Who, he was strolling towards me along Central 6 just after it had opened. Bit disappointed he wasn’t wearing his multi-coloured scarf, but it was July, and even Timelords feel the heat, I guess?

“I was a big fan when I was a kid, so I did the obvious thing you do… I said ‘Hello’ in a pitch much higher than my normal voice and he said ‘Hi’… didn’t miss a step and kept right on towards the station. What a guy.”

Another story came from Jonny Wig, who saw both Martin Clunes and Jason Watkins on the set of Nativity 3 when they were filming at West Orchards Shopping Centre.

Bill Haley fans at the Hotel Leofric in Coventry in 1957

Bill Haley fans at the Hotel Leofric in Coventry in 1957

The Nativity! series was filmed largely across Coventry and featured key locations such as Coventry Cathedral, Bablake school and even the newsroom of the Coventry Telegraph.

Other celebrity sightings included Idris Elba, and Bill Haley, spotted by Terry Matthews when he “and Tommy Steel were both staying at the Hotel Leofric.”

Mr Matthews is one of the many people who will have crossed paths with celebrities at the Hotel Leofric, given its rich history.

Other guests at the hotel

have included: Princess Margaret, Frankie Howerd, and Eric and Ernie.

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