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 May 9

by Carolina

“I put way too much pressure on myself, I think we all do.”

Being a mom is a tough job, even when you’re a celebrity. Famous mothers share the same struggles as every other mom between managing their careers, their children’s busy schedules…and also figuring out what to make for dinner.

For a lot of moms, one of the most difficult things they deal with is how to find a balance between their jobs, their family and their hectic schedule. While it can be a lot to figure out, celebrity moms have offered up some of their best tips for dealing with a crazy schedule as a mom.

Read on to hear what tips celebrity moms had to share…

1. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has three young children and although it can get hectic, she says it helps to look at what needs to get done and prioritize things. On top of that, it’s important to also make time for yourself to recharge so you can be your best self for your kids.

“Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do everything at once. Lay out what you can get done now and what will take longer,” Jessica told Parents Latina, adding, “Don’t be hard on yourself. Doing your best to be present wherever you are is what’s important. Make time to eat healthy and stay active. It’s worth it to recharge once a week: Get sleep, have a date night or a girls’ night in, and drink some wine!”

2. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is mom to six-year-old Isiah and two-year-old Jacob and when things get a little crazy, she knows she just has to cut herself some slack and enjoy the time she gets to spend with her children. But even Carrie admits she has trouble juggling everything that’s going on sometimes.

“My work life is pretty busy and can be unpredictable. Sometimes things are so hectic, I feel as if I’m not as present as I would like to be for them. I tell myself that there are ebbs and flows. Sometimes I am crazy-busy, and sometimes I have the luxury of being at home for longer periods of time, which many parents don’t have. Nevertheless, juggling can be hard, and I am still trying to work on cutting myself a little slack!” Carrie told Parents.

3. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling has learned that it’s okay to ask for help, especially when it comes to caring for her daughter, three-year-old Katherine, and her son Spencer, whom she welcomed last year.

“I’ve had to learn to release myself from mom guilt at least a couple times a day. That’s been a big one for me. I’m also learning to feel better about asking for help, whether it’s from family or hiring help. It’s not profound, but I love my career and I don’t want to make myself feel bad about pursuing both. Just cutting myself some slack has been very helpful for me,” Mindy told InStyle.

4. Drew Barrymore

When it comes to managing a full schedule with her children, Drew Barrymore says it’s helpful to create a calendar so they know exactly what to expect, especially when she has to travel for work.

“My kids and I share paper calendars…I wanted to give [Olive] a tool, so she could understand and gauge life when I am working. That way she can see that I am gone at first, still away in the middle, and then coming back towards the end. She now has a good sense of my geographic place from the globe. She knows when I am leaving and coming home,” Drew told Today.

5. P!nk

P!nk is mom to her daughter Willow and son Jameson and when her work contributes to a busy schedule with her family, she reminds herself that she’s setting a good example for her children.

“I put way too much pressure on myself, I think we all do. I don’t know, we put that on ourselves, that is how we mom now. I want to follow my passion too and I want my kids to see what it looks like to have a mom that is a boss. That is following her passion, that is working really hard towards her goals, but there is always a choice…it is a balance,” Pink told ET.

6. Tina Fey

Tina Fey stays busy as a working mom and for her, her best advice is to sleep whenever you can, even if it means letting some of the little things slide.

“You just have to go to sleep. There’s a strong desire to get stuff done and be an adult, but just go to bed. Blow off sending your family birthday cards or setting the table for Thanksgiving – just go to sleep whenever you can. I just go to bed all the time,” Tina Fey told Parents.

7. Debra Messing

When it comes to caring for her son Roman, who’s now a teenager, Debra Messing says she had to learn to be super organized and also accept help from those around her.

“Make sure you have people around you that can give you support and help, whether it’s best friends, family members, or a babysitter. It’s incredibly hard even when you don’t have a job. So, when you have a full-time job on top of that, you just have to be [super] organized, and that was a hard lesson for me to learn,” Debra told Popsugar.

8. Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is mom to Magnus, 10, and Felix, 8, and wants other moms to know how important it is to be open to help.

“Be open to any help. Many moms today feel they have to be super moms, while historically we’ve always had a village to pitch in. I think it’s really important to know when to ask for help,” Elizabeth reportedly told Parenting.

9. Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry has two children — Cree and Cairo — and says life is all about prioritizing what’s important to you. For her, family comes first, while making time to take care of herself ranks pretty highly too.

“The number one key is to basically prioritize. I’m a mother and wife first because family is important to me, and a part of having a balanced life is not feeling guilty about taking care of yourself. I will never forget being told by a woman that is a writer, producer and a mother as well. I admire her and asked ‘How do you do it?’ and she told me, ‘You have to take care of the goose, in order for the goose to lay the egg.’ So in order for you to be able to execute all of those different qualities as a woman and as a person, you have to take care of yourself,” Tia told Vibe.

10. Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic finds balance in her life as a busy mom by making sure she’s completely focused on whatever she’s doing, whether it be work or family time. And that means putting the phone away when she’s with her son Duke.

“I think any parent can agree that it’s never easy, but for me, what I try to do is something called the 100/100 rule. When I’m at work, I give 100 percent of my attention and focus to work. Things come up, of course, [like] personal issues and that’s important, but I really focus at work…When I come home, I put the phone away right when I get home and give all my attention to my family. If work things come up, I check my phone and make sure everything’s OK, but it helps having that rule to relax and focus. Whatever I’m doing, I give it 100 percent. For me, it gives me a little more balance,” Guliana told Us Weekly.


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