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 January 30

by Carolina

Meet the duos who will be trying to hide from the highly trained surveillance team

We have to say, Celebrity Hunted is up there with one of our favourite reality shows, as we see famous faces attempt to main cover to avoid detection from the highly trained team of police, intelligence and military personnel armed with the powers of the state. So who will be trying to hide from big brother this time? Meet the teams taking part in the Channel 4 show…

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Iwan Thomas and Richard Whitehead

Olympian silver medallist Iwan and two-time Paralympic gold medallist Richard will be proving their endurance as athletics by hiding away from those who hope to catch them! Speaking about working with Richard, Iwan told Channel 4: “Physically and mentally he’s very strong. He’s got some really good leadership qualities. We should hopefully do quite well together.”


Ollie and Gareth Locke-Locke

For this Made in Chelsea star, the experience will be something of a honeymoon for himself and his husband, Gareth. He explained: “There haven’t been very many married couples and we’re actually calling this our honeymoon because we haven’t had a honeymoon yet. So, this is our official honeymoon. Hopefully we’re still together at the end.”

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Ollie added: “Being recognisable around Britain helps because I think we might be able to call on some lovely people that might be able to help us.”


Chizzy Akudolu and Lisa Maffia

Actress Chizzy is paired up with So Solid Crew’s Lisa, and she opened up about how much she admires her partner in crime, saying: “I’m a massive So Solid Crew fan. We seem to have the same energy and I just knew we would get on. The first time we spoke on FaceTime, I was surprised we’d never met before because we are so similar. Maybe that’s too much fabulosity in one pairing. And also, volume.”


The Vivienne and Chloe Veitch

Drag Race star The Vivienne has said she will be using disguises to hide herself from the team tracking them down. She said: “Being a drag queen and doing all these different personas on stage, I’m definitely a master of disguise. I’m able to make money on the road as well. We could do pop up drag shows, sing for our supper, but in disguise.” Too Hot to Handle star Chloe added: “I absolutely adore her. We’re both absolutely bonkers, and I hope we can make people laugh whilst helping to raise some money for Stand Up To Cancer.”


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