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 October 18

by Carolina

Joan Crawford

American actress Joan Crawford has a warped legacy and after her death, her adopted daughter Christina Crawford shocked the world with her heartbreaking story in the book, “Mommy Dearest.” Years later in 1989, Christina explained the house she grew up in Brentwood was haunted and she saw things in the house. Joan went on to die in the home and things got weirder with, “spontaneous fires, primarily in the wall behind where Joan Crawford‘s bed used to be,” per Joan Crawford Best. “Once the Beverly Hills Fire Department spent four days there attempting to solve the mystery of the spontaneous fires that would break out on the walls,” she said. The owners decided to have the house exorcised numerous times and Christina later said, “Every single family that has lived in that house has had horrible things happen . . . illnesses, alcoholism, addictions, relationship problems, and now, evidently with the current owner, the walls are breaking out in flames!” “It would not surprise me in the least if the ‘haunting’ spirit that is in the house is Crawford! She was capable of real evil,” Christina said.

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