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 September 16

by Carolina

At one point, tattoos were once a taboo subject. Nowadays, there’s barely anyone who is free of permanent ink. While some opt for tattoos that are easy to hide due to reasons such as work, others go all out and plaster them all over their bodies. The ink for many is a symbol of freedom and expression, and nothing can be more true than celebrities who are inked up.

One thing that celebrities don’t have to worry about is facing harsh punishment for their tattoos. Every day people typically have to follow work rules regarding their appearance. Some even face the discrimination of not being hired for their ink. 

But more and more celebrities are being bolder and unafraid of the tattoos they choose to get. And nothing says “fearless” like a face tattoo. It’s unimaginable for some to sit and have a needle piercing your face over and over again, but for others, it’s the ultimate price to pay. Face tattoos are becoming more of a norm. 

Everyone from rappers, to actors, to models, and beyond in Hollywood are risking it all by getting a face tatt. And they are eager to show off the new ink on their social media pages. Don’t dare ask whoever has a face tatt why they opted to get one in the first place. Here are six stars who braved the pain for a face tattoo.

The Game Loves LA

The Compton-born rapper first inked an ice cream cone under his eye on the right side of his face. He then covered it with the words “LA” written in between a star. After the death of beloved NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, Game inked a tribute tattoo in Bryant’s honor his eyebrow.


Lil’ Wayne’s Biggest Fear

Wayne began getting tatted early on in his career. He’s practically covered from head to toe. He has multiple tattoos over his face, but the two that stand out the most are the ones on his eyelids. Wayne has the words “Fear God” on his eyelids. Ouch.


Bar Smith’s Surprise

The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star has always been an outlaw of sorts. He dropped out of high school before pursuing his GED and his legal trouble has been documented on the show. But no one, especially his on-again-off-again girlfriend Ashley Jones, was expecting him to get tattoos across his face. Jones was disappointed, believing it would impact potential job offers for Smith.


Aaron Carter’s ‘Protector’

Carter covered the entire side of his face with ink in September 2019 with a large replica of Medusa inked across the left side of his face. He told Entertainment Tonight why he went for it, telling the media outlet, “Medusa is my protector. If you want to come at me with some negativity, my Medusa will stare you in the eye and turn you into stone.”



Amber Rose’s Tribute to her Sons

The former girlfriend of Kanye West turned heads the minute she started appearing on red carpets because of her striking beauty and blonde baldie. Over the years, Rose has adorned her body with dozens of tattoos, mainly on her arms. But she had fans scratching their heads when she decided to honor her two sons in a major way by getting their names slashed across her forehead.


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