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 June 6

by Carolina

June 6, 2021, Pacific Daylight Saving Time 7:29 AM

Every week, millions of people watch the fallen athletes compete for the hearts of someone they just met. Of course, we’re talking about “Bachelor” and “Bacheloret,” but that’s arguably America’s most sinful joy. Even Hollywood celebrities stop by every Monday night to sniff the scent of roses. Yes, even A-listers love to watch the sometimes shameless reality TV classics. To celebrate the premiere of “Bachelorette” Season 17 on June 7, join Wonderwall.com to see Hollywood’s most rude Bachelor Nation fans! Jennifer Aniston. The actress admits that she “loves” the “The Bachelor” franchise. When talking to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in 2016, she saw the show and said it was “very fun”. In fact, at the time she was the infamous “The Bachelor” star Nick Viall. Predicting who to choose for the last four. Looking at the pictures of the woman, Jen also talked about past contestants, proving that she has been a longtime fan. (For the record, Jen did not choose the final winner.)

Continue reading to see who else in Hollywood is dedicating Monday night to a “Bachelor’s Degree” or “Single” …

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January Jones may be the biggest fan of “The Bachelor”. In fact, she told late-night host James Corden that her “dream” was to become the star of “Bachelor’s”. In January, she was dating former “Bachelor’s” leader Nick Viol. In part, she admitted that she was given “a lot of internal scoops” in 2020.

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Andrew Garfield played a superhero, but if he saw a “Bachelor” star, he might crouch. While chatting with Vulture, he was often obsessed with stars, even on reality show personalities. I said it would be. “Take Sean from’Bachelor’,” he said. “If you meet him, you’ll think,’What a hell, that’s Sean Wroe!’”

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Jenny McCarthy and her husband Donnie Wahlberg are always finding time to see the “Bachelor”. Donnie said Jenny made him crazy. “I’m completely addicted to it. Jenny is a true fan and I’m a crybaby fan,” he told TV Insider. “Between’Bachelor’and’Bacheloret’, I often cry … Jenny and I usually schedule a trip while watching a show.” Before she and Donnie got married, Jenny actually worked with the producer. I contacted them once and offered to be a “Bachelorette” star, but they declined. Jenny told TV Insider, “For me, the main attraction is the psychology behind what’s happening on the screen. Is to think about. “

Charlize Theron called “Bachelor” a “date night.” During her late show with James Corden, she said, “Monday night, the kids can’t read the clock yet, so I put them to sleep at around 5:45 pm and then open the bottle. Drink wine, take a bath, get ready, and watch The Bachelor, that’s my date night. “

In 2015, Oscar-winning Sean Penn, who was dating franchise fan Charlize Theron, admitted to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that he was a fan of “Bachelorette.” It doesn’t mean you want to sit down throughout the episode. “I don’t want to hear the conversation, I want to know the decision,” he said. “And I want to see someone cry, and I see someone ec ecstatic and they cry. Is. “

There is no shame in Justin Theroux’s “The Bachelor” game. The actor has even recreated the rose ritual with his longtime friend Carlos Quirarte. He and Carlos also lobbied for contestant Tier Booth during the Arie Luyendyk Jr. season. In an Instagram post, the men used the hashtag “#RealMenWatchTheBachelor.”

Jennifer Lawrence is the queen of reality shows. She talked over and over again about her love for all of Bravo. But apparently I can’t resist the “Bachelor”. “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison recalled a conversation with the actress, “Jennifer Lawrence was great. I was overwhelmed by her performance and was really looking forward to seeing her. How much i love you [the show]I said, “Do you like’Bachelor’? And she thought,’Oh, I’m a girl.’

Sarah Hyland has taken her “Bachelor” love to another level. She is currently engaged to former “Bachelorette” contestant Wells Adams. Her obsession with the show It was actually published by Jamie King in 2015. “When I called @Sarah_Hyland, she whispered violently and thought she had interrupted the church, funeral, and shag, but it was F ****** Bachelor!”

Emmy Rossum once belonged to the “The Bachelor” fantasy league. When she saw former “The Bachelor” star Nick Viol in Los Angeles, she admitted to late-night moderator James Corden that she was basically a fangirl. I took a “sneak” shot and “after that I sent an email to all my acquaintances.”

Anna Kendrick is known for her live tweets between “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” But she wasn’t always a fan. Anna says she was hooked while filming “Pitch Perfect.” She told British Glamor, “Some girls invited me to the’Bachelor’and that was the moment of the group message for us.” She has since been with many of the stars on the show. Tweeting.

Former “The Bachelor” star Nick Viall made his debut as a guest actor in “Speechless” as a companion to Minnie Driver. However, Nick didn’t get much advice from Minnie. “She turned out to be a big fan of The Bachelor, so she asked me a lot of questions about it,” he told People magazine.

Amy Schumer actually starred in “Bachelorette” and helped Caitlin Bristow in Season 11. “I love this show. I’m a fan of this show,” she said. She’s a “Bachelorette” star. She joked that it was “Entertainment Tonight.” “The show ends in one episode.”

Adam Scott shouts his love for “Bachelor” from the roof. “I don’t say it’s a joy of sin because I don’t feel guilty,” he said.

Taye Diggs in “The Bachelor” isn’t very cool. In 2012, he tweeted about his love for the franchise. “I’m watching a DVR episode of The Bachelor,” he wrote. “I’m addicted. There may be a problem. I’m sorry.”

Allison Williams met her ex-husband Ricky Van Veen at the “The Bachelor” appreciation party. “Without this show, I wouldn’t have been married to my husband,” she told People magazine. “We went to a weekly, weekly viewing party. It was like a big group date, but the men and women were evenly distributed. That’s how we met. They split in 2020.

Lea Michele once told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that her dedication to “The Bachelor” was awesome. In 2015, Lea was “crazy and ridiculously unhealthy.” recognized.

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