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 November 11

by Carolina

Celebrity Big Brother will return in the winter of 2022. Here is everything for viewers to know about the upcoming third season of the show.

Fans are happy that Celebrity Big Brother will be returning in February 2022, and it’s time to share some interesting facts about the upcoming season. When Big Brother 23 was coming to an end, viewers found out that they didn’t have to wait an entire year for another installment from the franchise. While it hasn’t been on the air for two years, season 3 of the show is officially on the way.

Even though there is no Celebrity Big Brother premiere date yet, fans can make educated guesses about when the season will begin airing. Based on the last two seasons of the series, viewers can assume that it will serve as a counterpart to the Beijing Olympics, as the first two seasons aired around that time of year. The fans can also anticipate a condensed season and multiple episodes per week. This is because the famous contestants are not in the house for three months. The houseguests will actually be there for only three weeks. Everything about the game will more than likely stay the same, but there may be a few possible twists along the way.

When it comes to the host, it looks like Julie Chen Moonves will be returning. If she does, it will be her 21st year with the franchise. It is unknown which celebrities will be moving into the Big Brother house, but all will be revealed closer to the season 3 premiere date. The live feeds will be back, once again on Paramount+. These feeds help fans to figure out what’s going on during all hours of the game. Viewers with access to the feeds can keep tabs on activities in the house throughout the competition.

Celebrity Big Brother 1 Cast

Even though viewers had to wait three years for another season of Celebrity Big Brother to air, they can’t wait to see what the new season has in store for them. Since it is a condensed version of the show, the number of celebrity houseguests will more than likely be between 11 or 12. That would fit with the number of contestants featured in the last two seasons. However, aside from some of the aforementioned unpredictable twists, aspects of gameplay should be quite familiar to viewers.

Viewers are going to have to wait a little longer to find out who the new cast will be, When 2022 rolls around, they can watch the third season of Celebrity Big Brother play out on their screens. Watching stars compete in this popular reality series is well worth the wait, so there is plenty to look forward to. Until then, fans may want to stream old seasons of Big Brother on Paramount+.


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