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 December 3

by Carolina

Celebrity Big Brother has had two seasons thus far, with a third on the way in 2022. As with any celebrity version of a reality show, the “celebrities” who are cast are usually ones who have fallen into obscurity over the years or faced controversy. From actors to musicians, athletes to personalities from other reality shows, celebrity siblings, and more, the selection has run the gamut.

In total, there have been 23 celebrity players of the American version of Celebrity Big Brother, including Anthony Scaramucci who, it was revealed in the beginning, was actually not playing the game but there as part of a twist. Among the players were some distinct personalities.

10 Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan in a pink jump-suit with her hair in front of her face sitting down in Celebrity Big Brother.

Fans loved watching Dina not only because of her prior career as “mom-ager” to her daughter Lindsay Lohan, who has been in many movies. But also because she came across as down-to-earth. She was also part of one of the funniest storylines when she revealed to others in the house that she had been dating someone online for quite a while but never met him.

They explained the concept of catfishing to her and suggested it might be happening. It was revealed in the end that the man was indeed who he said he was.

9 Marissa Jaret Winokur

Marissa Jaret Winokur sitting next to Ross Mathews on finale night of Celebrity Big Brother, looking shocked.

Winner of the first season of the show, Winokur’s bubbly personality and genuine niceness made her entertaining. While the name of the game is to lie, cheat, and backstab to get to the top, Winokur had a tough time being anyone but herself.

She enjoyed getting along with others in the house, and in the end, won because she didn’t cross anyone. Her social game was among the best and her funny, witty personality shined on the show, particularly her Diary Room sessions where she expressed her distaste for having to backstab or lie to anyone.

8 Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath looking off to the side, blonde hair and blue jacket in Celebrity Big Brother.

McGrath’s distinctive voice and charming and upbeat personality made him a fun one to watch on the show. Appearing on the first season, he lasted all the way until the end but was evicted in third place.

McGrath was the oldest celebrity in the house but he was young at heart, often retelling stories of his musical heydays in the ’90s, which the houseguests loved hearing. Given that McGrath has hosted many TV shows through his career, and currently hosts a radio show on SiriusXM, his gift of the gab paid off on this show.

7 Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa in the Diary Room on Celebrity Big Brother, arm on the chair, smiling.

Fans were curious to tune in and see Manigault, as well as hear what she would have to say about her time working in the White House under Donald Trump. She signed up for the show’s first season after having left her political post.

Manigault, who was no stranger to reality TV (having first become known for her time as the outspoken player on The Apprentice), brought that same feistiness to the Big Brother house. She got in verbal disagreements with others, revealed jarring details about her former job, and lasted all the way to fifth place. Nonetheless, Manigault always kept her composure and never did anything to add herself to the list of times a houseguest went too far on Big Brother.

6 Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte wide-eyed sitting beside Jonathan Bennet, both wearing bright pink suits on Celebrity Big Brother.

Making it only to 10th place, it’s no surprise that the 12-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer was deemed a physical competition threat early on and sent home. But during the almost two weeks he spent in the house, Lochte added some much-needed comic relief.

Often made fun of for the dimwitted things he said or did in real life, Lochte noted that he wanted to redeem the perception others had of him while also, in many cases, playing right into it. His diary room sessions were funny as he appeared to have no idea how the game really worked.

5 Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett sitting on the bed in Celebrity Big Brother, in conversation with someone.

Bennett, best known for his leading role in the movie Mean Girls as well as various hosting gigs, has a lively and fun personality. So, it’s no surprise this translated well to the show. He was a joy to watch, always offering interesting and colorful commentary.

He went home early on day 10. Although he started strong, he ended up making the wrong moves by urging Ryan to try and evict Tom Green instead of Dina Lohan since he had a soft spot for having worked with her daughter in the past. Fans loved seeing the reunion between Lohan and Bennett and the unlikely friendship between Bennett and Lochte.

4 Kato Kaelin

Kate Kaelin in the Diary Room on Celebrity Big Brother, wearing glasses and a light blue shirt.

When it comes to unexpected friendships on Big Brother, the one between Kato Kaelin and Tom Green was one no one saw coming. But the way they bonded with one another made watching both of them entertaining.

Kaelin, known best for having been a close friend of OJ Simpson and testifying during his trial, presented himself as someone who was smart and strategic. He was an underdog of the season, who fans always root for. But ultimately, he was sent home on day 20.

3 Tom Green

Tom Green in the diary room on Celebrity Big Brother, head to the side looking unimpressed.

Any time Tom Green is in a room, chances are he will be among the most entertaining people there. And while he was far more low-key than usual on the show, fans of the long-time actor, comedian, and musician know that he can be odd, quirky, outspoken, and loud.

Not surprisingly, his diary room sessions were hilarious and he brought personality to the house. The T-shirts he wore to support a friend’s business shed light on something fans didn’t know about life in the Big Brother house: houseguests are not allowed to wear designer clothing. Green made it through the majority of the second season, but was evicted on day 24, putting him in sixth place.

2 Tamar Braxton

There was so much friction between Braxton, the sister of singer Toni Braxton, and singer Kandi Burress that it took over much of the season. The two had a falling out many years prior and hadn’t spoken since. So, reuniting unexpectedly in the show resurrected old wounds.

Nonetheless, Braxton went through every extreme emotion possible during her time in the house, from crying to laughing, angry outburst, frustration, and more. She was thoroughly entertaining to watch, but also tugged at heartstrings, which is ultimately what led to her win of season 2. Technically, she was the first Black person to win the show, with Xavier Prather becoming the first Black winner of a regular season, and one of the best winners of Big Brother.

1 Ross Mathews

Ross Mathews sitting in the kitchen on Celebrity Big Brother, laughing.

Many fans believe that Mathews was robbed of the win because of his strategic, sometimes cutthroat gameplay. Mathews knew the Big Brother game inside and out before entering, having done after-show interviews for the Big Brother web series for many seasons prior. He was a superfan, which made him entertaining to watch because he knew how to play the game. But he is also an animated, expressive person who breathes life into anything he does, whether it’s retelling what’s going on in a diary room session or conducting an interview.

Seeing Mathews manipulate situations, outright lie, and do what needed to be done to make it to the end, is what made the first season watchable. However, a bitter jury voted for Winokur to win instead.

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