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 January 8

by Carolina

Bekah Martinez was an actress who appeared in Arie Luyendyk’s Season of “The Bachelor,”At home, she gave birth to Franklin and Ruth.

Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez.

RB/Bauer–Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

After being sent home on “The Bachelor,”Martinez was in love with Grayston, her partner. Since then, the couple has had two children together.

Martinez chose to share a video about Franklin’s homebirth with her thousands of followers. Instagram: PostedIn August 2020 “At first I felt nervous about sharing this video. Don’t get me wrong; my experience with Franklin’s birth was beyond what I could have hoped for … Strangely though, the footage felt so raw and primal that I was actually uncomfortable watching it back. I sat with this feeling for a while, and I came to a couple conclusions.”

“One, that I truly was scared of the mean things people might say about something so sacred to me,” Martinez continued. “But also, more importantly, I realized that I felt uncomfortable watching myself in that much POWER. I realized I still had so many negative, subconscious, deeply-embedded thoughts telling me that I wasn’t feminine enough; that I looked and sounded weird. I projected so many insecurities onto an experience that was truly one of the most powerful, magical moments of my life.”

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