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 June 27

by Carolina

Did you know that there’s a day of the year that’s dedicated to middle children? Yes, August 12 is National Middle Child’s Day. And it’s not just normies that deal with being the monkey in the middle, but major A-listers, too.

And we all know the stereotypes that go along with being the middle child. They’re the children that don’t receive as much attention, are overlooked, and tossed to the side. It’s not easy being in the middle and growing up between the eldest kid and youngest sibling. And yes, middle child syndrome is actually a thing. However, there are many celebrities that made a name for themselves despite the typical stereotypes associated with being a middle child.

So, which famous middle children don’t need a holiday dedicated to them to get attention every day of the year?

10 Kim Kardashian

Who had to vie for attention as a child? The business mogul and reality television star that certainly doesn’t have to nowadays, Kim Kardashian.

For any middle child that is searching for self-actualization, A-lister Kim K is definitely the one to look to for inspiration. Of course, we naturally think of the Kardashian family as a family of five women, but Kim grew up stuck between Kourtney and Khloé. Just look at how far this middle child has come – just a decade ago, she was surrounded by the likes of Ray J and Reggie Bush. And now, she’s her own person.

9 Miley Cyrus

Enthusiasts of the Hollywood singer and actress, Miley Cyrus, know that she was born into a huge family. Besides her famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, the lady we once knew as Hannah Montana also made a name for herself.

The singer, who has garnered a lot of attention over the span of her career, is smack in the middle of her big family. With two brothers and two sisters, Miley looks up to Trace and Brandi and guides the two youngest, Braison and Noah.

8 Jennifer Lopez

She’s still “Jenny from the Block,” but what many don’t know about the Hustler actress is that she shares her infamous last name with two siblings.

Lopez, an independent woman whose versatility has helped her bounce back and forth between singing, acting, and performing is a middle child. Yes, there are two other Lopez sisters that share her incredible genes. Raised in the Bronx, J.Lo was stuck like glue to both her sisters, the older Leslie and younger Lynda.

In an interview with W Magazine, she said, “I’m the middle sister. All three of us girls shared a room.”

7 Britney Spears

What hasn’t poor Britney Spears been through? The “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” singer may have conformed to the middle child stereotypes.

Her life has been a whirlwind, but growing up in the Spears household, the singer known for her pop hits, was in the middle. Are you surprised? We all know her younger sister, former Zoey 101 actress, Jamie Lynn, but there’s another sibling in the trio. Spears’ brother Bryan Spears, who’s the eldest, also works in the industry as a television and film producer.

6 Sarah Jessica Parker

We all instantly became obsessed with SJP as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City! We also fell head over heels in love with her Manolos.

However, if you’re dealing with middle child syndrome, the actress and fashionista once felt your pain. According to Pop Sugar, she comes from a family of eight, but that includes her half-siblings. When it comes to her actual blood, SJP is right in between Timothy Britten Parker and Pippin Parker.

5 Anne Hathaway

We know her from The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries, and countless other films, but this Oscar-winner is the middle child in her family.

With a fiery personality and a gracious heart, Hathaway was raised alongside two brothers, Michael and Thomas. The only girl, Hathaway, who grew up in New Jersey, has always kept a blood-on-blood bond with her brothers.

4 Chris Hemsworth

There’s just so much Hemsworth to go around!

It’s perfectly normal to get confused by the two Australian actors and brothers, Chris and Liam – it happens all the time. But, what if we added another into the mix? Well, it turns out there’s another brother who’s also a successful actor, the Westworld star, Luke Hemsworth. Although Chris is older than the talented Liam, he’s younger than Luke.

Chris was certainly not overlooked as a child!

3 Katy Perry

Who doesn’t recall when the pop superstar broke out of her shell with her mega-hit, “I Kissed A Girl?”

Katy Perry is one celebrity who certainly went against all “middle child” odds and turned her status into major stardom. Growing up, Perry was raised with two other siblings; an older sister and a younger brother.

Perry, who’s the leading lady of Orlando Bloom, remains tight with her sister, Angela, who’s often by her side. In her documentary, Part of Me, the songstress who once was on the Super Bowl stage dressed as a shark, mentioned that her older sister often joins her on tour.

2 Bella Hadid

How well does Bella Hadid live up to the middle child stereotype?

She’s definitely an individual with attention-grabbing wardrobe choices. The model gene runs in the Hadid family, as we all know Bella’s sister, Gigi. However, both leggy models have a brother (pictured above).

Bella, who shares her love for her siblings on her ‘gram, sits between her older sister Gigi, and younger brother, Anwar. Oh, he’s also a celebrity model!

1 Tom Hiddleston

We know Tom Hiddleston is a heartthrob, but the 40-year-old English actor, who’s easy on the eyes grew up surrounded by women.

The man who was once linked to Taylor Swift, and is now in the spotlight for his role in Loki, has two sisters. He’s the older brother to a sister named Emma, but the firstborn of the Hiddleston family is his sister Sarah, who’s a journalist.

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