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 June 2

by Carolina

They are neither as tall nor as low as they appear on red carpets. We reveal how much they really measure.

Jennifer Lopez You only need 164 centimeters to have heart attack curves and be one of the sexiest women in the world.

Kim kardashian She rarely gets off her heels, and she is less than five feet tall.

Jennifer Aniston he knows how to take advantage of his 1.64 m. Wearing thin strappy sandals and the openings in the gala outfit it seems that she is taller.

Shakira, when he gets off his heels, he does not reach 1.60: he measures 1.57 m.

Is Chris Hemsworth very tall or Elsa Pataky very short? The actress has conquered Thor himself with his toned 1.61 m.

Even if Taylor Swift She had always seemed ‘tiny’ to us, the truth is that the singer is 1.78 m tall.

Eva Longoria It is one of the best examples that the essence is kept in a small bottle: it measures only 1.57 m.

Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian the sisters share genes, but the distribution of centimeters in their DNA was not the same. The top model reaches 1.79 and the oldest of the Kardashian clan reaches 1.52.

Did you imagine that Scarlett Johansson It was only 1.60 m tall.

We already know why Victoria Beckham she rarely gets off her impossible stilettos – because she’s only 1.63m tall.

Brooke shields. The precocious girl of the 80s cinema reached adolescence with a height of supermodel: 1.83 m.

Being an elite athlete also means having an elite body. Maria Sharapova It measures 1.88 m.

Megan fox, the stylized actress is only 1.63 m tall.

Although we are used to seeing her on platforms that look like scaffolding, when she gets off her heels, Lady Gaga measures 1.55 m.

read Michele, talent concentrated only in 1.59 m.

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