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 February 15

by Carolina

Outside of their busy work and soaring fame, many celebrities have the same hobbies as the rest of us. Here are some celebs who are notable fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing is a wonderful profession, sport, and hobby. There’s nothing quite like the joy and thrill of a good catch—it’s a shared human feeling.

Most of our beloved planet is covered by water, and a person can only imagine the innumerable variety of fish species out in those waters—and the number of people who are out there chasing after them with their rods. While you may not spot them out on the river with you, there are plenty of celebrities who are big-time anglers. Here are a few names you might recognize.

Harrison Ford

Behind the charming face of Indiana Jones and the iconic Han Solo—some of the most beloved movie characters of all time— Harrison Ford is an enthused fishing hobbyist. Regardless of his numerous accolades, this recognizable actor, director, and producer finds simple joy in reeling one in. As a private celeb, he spends a fair amount of time in the Pacific Northwest on his Wyoming ranch.

While Harrison has mentioned in the past that he isn’t as avid of a fisherman as he used to be, he’s still fond of the winding Snake River that stretches through several states and is one of Idaho’s most amazing natural features. In a recent reveal, he said he’s ditched meat and dairy to benefit the planet but still consumes fish. Some of those might even be fish he’s caught himself.

Christ Pratt

Hollywood actor Christ Pratt has exploded on the big screen in numerous franchises and roles in recent years. While his work has garnered many people’s attention, it’s also kept him from doing another thing he loves: fishing. Yes, Star-Lord himself, one of the distinctive superheroes to come out of the incredible Marvel Cinematic Universe, is another of thecelebrities who are big-time anglers.

Chris has mentioned in interviews that he avidly enjoys going out and teaching his son to fish. A few years back, he even tweeted while filming Jurassic World 2about how much he was missing bass season back home. With his down-to-earth personality, it’s no wonder why he catches hearts as much as he catches fish.

Emma Watson

The lovely and charming Harry Potter movie series actress is said to have switched out her wand for a fishing rod off-screen. Her father is a frequent fly-fisher who reeled her into the hobby as a little girl. She is a seasonal flytier and even donated a Grey Wulff to the Wild Trout Trust, a U.K.-based conversation group, to help raise funds for their program.

Her fondness for fishing is so notable that former Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld gifted her a fishing rod for her birthday. The famous and wealthy people of the world are certainly more than what meets the eye behind the camera lens.

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