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 March 6

by Carolina

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called a session of the National Assembly for a vote of confidence after losing a key seat in the Senate election. Before the vote, a number of celebrities threw their weight behind the premier and said he is their true leader.

A vote of confidence is meant to show that the prime minister has the support of parliament. He needs 172 votes to win the confidence vote.

This included cricketers, celebrities and designers. The actual vote of confidence will be done by MNAs, not the general public, but many people took to Twitter to show their support.

Actor Shaan Shahid posted several messages in support of PM Khan.

Rohail Hyatt of Vital Signs also supports the premier and said he was his only leader.

Actor Veena Malik also tweeted about the vote of confidence.

Designer Zarlasht Faisal, of the brand Zari Faisal, has been a longtime supporter of the PM and even made Imran Khan-related clothing items around election time.

Elan head Khadijah Shah also announced her support for PM Khan.

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