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 October 21

by Carolina

Kolkata: Celebrities have slammed the Mamata Banerjee-led government over the late-night police action to remove protesters agitating in front of the West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) office here against the alleged irregularities in the recruitment of primary teachers in the state.

In a tweet on Friday, veteran actress and director Aparna Sen, said: “The Trinamool Congress govt is flouting the basic democratic rights of the hunger- strikers! Section 144 issued against a non-violent protest! Why? I strongly condemn the undemocratic and unethical action of the West Bengal govt!”

Famed Bengali actor Riddhi Sen also tweeted: “Shame on Mamata Banerjee and the police for such a shameful attack on a justified movement. The state government will have to pay the price for such a heinous act.”

Meanwhile, actress Srilekha Mitra said that when someone is agitating in a peaceful and democratic manner, the state has no right to use force against them.

“The people have become blind because of the different dole schemes. The people who are resorting to democratic movements are being arrested, threatened and harassed by police. I am being denied assignments because I protest on such issues in the social media,” she said.

Actor Badshah Moitra said that it is unfortunate that the state government has equated the anti-social elements with the democratic and peaceful agitators protesting on a justified case.

“A late-night police operation is never acceptable to crush a democratic movement. The state government can always open dialogues with the protesters and reach a solution. Whatever has happened is extremely unfortunate,” he said.

However, Trinamool Congress leadership is adamant on their stand in justifying the police action.

“Actually, these protesters are being constantly provoked by CPI(M) and BJP. The opposition parties are resorting to cheap politics on this issue,” party spokesman Kunal Ghosh said.


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