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 October 6

by Carolina

Celebrities heed the call to service



More and more Filipino stars are heeding the call to service by joining the reserve force of the military. We should take a moment to thank some of these celebrities who put their lives on hold to serve the country. They are worthy of emulation.

It’s so refreshing to read about stars who possess the spirit of volunteerism, patriotism, and dedication in their hearts. As part of the reserve force, they undergo field exercises, marksmanship training, and more in fulfilling the mandate to protect the people and the state, especially in times of crisis. It also teaches volunteers leadership, discipline, and respect for authority. Beyond that, being in the reserve force will instill and nurture a love of country.

Actress Arci Muñoz, actor Christopher de Leon, singer-actress Geneva Cruz, actor Rocco Nacino, beauty queen Wynwyn Marquez, actor Matteo Guidicelli, actor Baron Geisler, beauty queen Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes, actor Gerald Anderson, Star for All Season Vilma Santos Recto, Beauty Gonzalez, actor JM De Guzman, actor Kiko Estrada, actress Julia Baretto, actor Enzo Pineda, are some of the celebrities who heeded the call to serve.

Filipino singer-actor Ronnie Liang became a second lieutenant of the Philippine Army reservist in Nov. 2020.

“The first two years I served the public as an Army reservist. Naghahatid at sundo ako sa mga health worker sa drop-off points, nagpapakain din ako sa mga locally stranded individuals. I distributed food packs at ayuda,” said Liang, when asked about his activities as a reservist during the pandemic. (I fetched and dropped off some of our health workers at certain points. I also fed the stranded commuters.),” said Ronnie during an interview recently.

Asked about the fulfillment he gets as a reservist, Liang said: “Yung fulfillment na masaya yung mga tinutulungan mo, that for me is my reward. That’s my incentive or benefit. At hindi ka nila nakakalimutan at pinaglalaban ka nila.” (When the people you helped or assisted are happy, then that for me is my reward. They will never forget you, and they will fight for you).

Dr. Risa Caldoza, Mrs. Tourism International 2017, also graduated as a reservist in the Army.

“I joined the Army Reserve Force last 2021 through their 45-day basic citizen military training. Being a part of the Armed Forces has always been on my bucket list owing to my late grandfather who was a colonel in the Philippine Air force. It was my gift to him, sort of honoring him, and I hope that he is proud of me up in heaven,” says Risa, also a dermatologist by profession.

She adds: “I am a Filipino and this is my way of giving back to my country. At 51 years old when I graduated, it again proves that age is not a hindrance to reach for your goals. Our country needs us; it needs empowered women who can fight for her. I did it in 2017 in pageant heels; I did it in combat boots in 2021.”

So you want to be a reservist for the Armed Forces of the Philippines? Some basic information about the Citizen Armed Force or Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act.

The Citizen Armed Force or alternately referred to as the Reserve Force was created in accordance with Republic Act 7077 Article III Section on July 23, 1990. It has the mission to provide the base for the expansion of the AFP in the event of war, invasion, or rebellion; assist in relief and rescue during disaster or calamities; assist in socio-economic development; and assist in the operation and maintenance of essential government or private utilities in the furtherance of the overall mission.

You have to choose which component you would like to join: The Army Reserve Component, The Air Force Reserve Component, The Navy Reserve Component, AFP-Wide Technical Reserve Component; and The Affiliated Reserves.

There are three categories of citizen soldiers of the AFP reservists:

1) First category reserve shall be composed of able-bodied reservists whose ages are between 18 years and 35 years, inclusive.

2) Second category reserve shall be composed of able-bodied reservists whose ages are between 36 years and 51 years, inclusive.

3) Third category reserve shall be composed of all able-bodied reservists who are above 51 years of age.

As Martin Luther King III, the oldest son of the civil rights leader, said in a speech during the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US in January 2009, “You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to serve. We know that a lot of us doing just a little can make a major contribution. The goal is to keep that going throughout the year.”

Celebrities signing up with the military will attract and inspire more civilians to serve the country. They do not receive compensation or talent fees for their services, but they remain professionals and put a premium on national well-being.

For the full details about joining the reserve force of the military, visit afpreserve.org.

(Robert R. Requintina is the Entertainment Editor of Manila Bulletin)




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