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 September 20

by Carolina

Photoshop is a wonderful tool to hone one’s artistic creativity.

Though it isn’t such an easy tool to use for beginners, the results that you can get out of a pair of skilled hands and a one-of-a-kind sense of imagination are stunning. It gives you the power to breathe new life into existing photos, turning them from regular images into refined works of art.

And at other times, these editing tools fall in the hands of someone who really thinks out of the box.

Like Indonesian artist Indra Hakim, who plops famous celebrities into photos of everyday Indonesians – making them convincingly ‘real’.

But of course, the real pull is how hilarious these (mostly) Western celebs look.

Indra posts the edited pieces on his Instagram account, @indra.hakim, and it’s quite easy to say that they’ve become quite popular on social media – if his 185,000+ follower count proves anything.

Take a look at some of his masterpieces below:

1. Ariana Grande working part-time as a street food vendor, but still glam.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

2. An old picture of Bruno Mars and his supposed ‘Indonesian heritage’.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

3. A young Justin Timberlake, with his ramen head of hair, holding a box of glorious Indomie.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

4. Lisa from Blackpink chilling at a warung.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

5. The Weeknd getting ready for the weekend with some books and newspapers.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

6. Jay-Z just wants to have a good time.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

7. Kanye West: Rapper, designer, and carrot salesman.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

8. Samsul Jaki’s Samuel L. Jackson’s face when he’s fighting the urge to call you a motherf*cker.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

9. Wiz Khalifa rolling a spindle of thread.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

10. Drake, aka Champagne Papi, just can’t stop partying. His t-shirt says it all: He’s a ‘night addict’.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

11. Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian channel their Met Gala outfits in a more ‘fun’ environment.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

12. Rosé takes a quick pic after feasting on some nasi padang.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

These photos are just the tip of the ice berg. As comical and life-like as they look, it’s our obligation to tell you that none of these photos are real. Just in case you get other ideas (or if you don’t know how to read headlines properly).

Click here to head to Indra’s Instagram.

BONUS: Not a ‘celebrity’, but someone we all know – North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un trying his luck at managing a warung.

IMAGE: Indra Hakim / Instagram

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Cover image sourced from @indra.hakim / Instagram.

Original posted at sea.mashable.com

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