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 February 9

by Carolina

Celebrities need to be more careful with what they post, now more than ever. Since quarantine has begun, there have been a slew of celebrities getting heat because they are posting vacation and party pictures while the pandemic is going on, and rightfully so. I understand that they have certain opportunities where they can afford to still go out more privately and are, for some reason, prioritized for COVID-19 tests. However, there is no reason they need to post about it. It is just a reminder that most of us do not have these opportunities. 

Celebrities posting about being in paradise while most people are stuck at home or in lockdown is extremely inconsiderate. The idea that they are able to get these chances and get to treat the pandemic like it is not even happening while others are struggling trying to get through this is already unfair. The fact that they get to do that and brag about it by posting and showing off their luxurious vacations is absolutely absurd. 

There may be many people who do not even care or completely ignore it, but there is a large number of people that are seemingly affected by their mindlessness. Because of their fame, they have so much influence. They should not be irresponsible with that power. That is why whenever a celebrity posts or says something along the lines of “Don’t worry. We will get through this” or “You got this. Just be positive,” I roll my eyes.

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