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 July 6

by Carolina

Strapless gowns, backless tops, plunging necklines and thigh-high slits were all people talked about on social media soon after photos from the 5th HUM Style Awards were out.

If you turn to social media to find out who won in which category, you will come across a glut of memes and condemning remarks on the outfits that graced the red carpet at the HSAs. Not only followers but people from entertainment have shared their views too on what they called “vulgarity” and the “death of fashion”.

“Rest in peace, fashion sense,” commented Iffat Omar.

Bilal Qureshi said that actors don’t have to wear revealing clothes to look like divas.

Photo: Instagram/Bilal Qureshi

Simi Raheal wondered if people in Pakistan have a cultural identity left of their own. She advised singer Aima Baig to take dance classes and Alizeh Shah to rehearse in heels so that she wouldn’t be uncomfortable during the performance. Simi appreciated Resham, however, who appeared in an all-yellow traditional attire.

“Resham is the ultimate diva,” said the senior actor. “Learn from her.”

Alyzeh Gabol took a jibe at the attendees by saying, “Looks like it is Halloween all over again.”

Actor Faizan Shaikh remarked that not even one single outfit stood out at the event.

Photo: Instagram/Faizan Sheikh

Those who defended the “fashion” at the HSAs are Armeena Rana Khan and Mathira.

“I think all the actors and attendees at the HUM Style Awards looked amazing,” Armeena said. “We must stop tearing each other down.” Culture and religion is a different discussion for another day, she added.

I think all the actors and attendees at #HumStyleAwards looked amazing. Congratulations to all the winners. We must stop tearing each other down, it isn’t a good look guys. Culture and religion is a different discussion for another day.

— Armeena 🦋 (@ArmeenaRK) July 5, 2021

“People are sitting at home posting and cursing people for what they wear,” said Mathira. “Women have the right to wear what makes them beautiful.”

Fans praised Ayesha Omar and Momal Sheikh’s camaraderie and called their exchange of hearty laughs an “adorable” highlight from the event.

Apart from criticism, many people are appreciating actors for pulling off some of the most daring creations and taking risks with their sartorial choices. Alizeh Shah’s twirls of her black ball gown left her followers in awe of the way she carried herself. Ayesha Omar and Urwa Hocane’s gowns received immense praise too.

The 5th HUM Style Awards were held on Sunday in Lahore. The event is still among top trends on Twitter.

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