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 June 20

by Carolina

@vanderjamesHappy Father’s Day to my phenomenal husband and Daddy to five kiddos (and five dogs!). Any words are an injustice to the fortune I have of you being my husband and Daddy to all of our children. Heart forward. Hands on. Great cook. Handsome (Emilia tells him daily!). Kindness. Love. Compassion. My heart sings getting to create in this life with you. Blessed beyond my capacity to really even understand the depth of all that you are and bring fourth in life. We all love you with all of our hearts and thank you for all the back rides, meals, trips back and fourth from the car hauling groceries and children, camping trips, swims in the river, road trips, more meals, games, sits around the fire, dances, projects you do for us, experiences you set up to make ‘just right’ for us, hugs, tears, ears, shoulder to cry on, arms to be held in… I could write a novel about this. AND for the FIVE dogs you also parent. We love you tremendously and endlessly. Happy Father’s Day my greatest love. ❤️

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