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 March 15

by Carolina

RICHMOND, Va. — Every A-list celebrity at the Grammy awards now has a little piece of RVA with them.

Richmond apparel company, Bonfire, teamed up with the Trevor Noah Foundation and South African artist Karaybo Poppy to create t-shirts.

They were inside every Grammy awards gift bag.

The design is inspired by the different aesthetics and styles found in South Africa.

Bonfire Creative Marketing Manager Tess Miller said when the company found out they were going to be involved with the Grammy awards, they knew exactly what to do.

“Trevor Noah Foundation seemed like a very obvious first stop, because Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammys this year,” said Miller.

The comedian’s nonprofit works to improve education for kids in South Africa, where Noah is from.

If you want to support the cause, you can buy one of these t-shirts too. Just go to bonfire.com/trevor.

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