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 January 14

by Carolina

In recent years crystals have enjoyed a renaissance. At the forefront of the movement? Why celebrity culture of course. Katy Perry admitted to carrying rose quartz in the hope of attracting men and Gwyneth released what would become the much derided jade vagina egg. And so somewhere along the line, crystals lost their clout, dismissed as something hilariously woo woo. But in the wake of the pandemic, reports suggest that the market for crystals is even outperforming diamonds as more of us embark on the quest for holistic wellness.



Sceptics may be quick to level that crystals are just good-looking rocks, but there’s a convincing – and ever growing – case for their power. Especially in the beauty world. With their roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, rose quartz, jade rollers and gua shas are lauded for their lymphatic drainage and anti-inflammatory abilities. Crystals are cropping up in skincare formulas too. From Herbivore’s Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, £39, that uses the semi-precious stones alongside lavender to luxe up a mineral-rich exfoliant, to Huda Beauty’s popular Wishful Rose Quartz Peel Off Mask, £34.

‘Crystals have been long been thought to have healing benefits and it has been speculated that they vibrate at frequencies that can benefit our centres of spiritual power’ says Dr Maryam Zamani, Aesthetician and founder of MZ Skin. ‘Rose Quartz is often associated with self-love and on a scientific level, it helps boost microcirculation.’ This brings more oxygen to the surface of the skin and makes for increased radiance. ‘On a spiritual level,’ continues Dr Zamani, ‘the massage techniques we use alongside crystal tools like gua sha and rollers help to ease stress.’ . Sweeping the MZ Skin Rose Quartz Gua Sha, £40, across your skin regularly, for example, helps to relax facial muscles, reduce puffiness and boost blood flow. There seem to be two factors at play here: the scientific-based benefits of effective massage techniques, and the widely debated healing power of crystals.

You only need to scan the comments on one of Holly Willoughby’s recent Instagram posts featuring a Celestite stone to see how divided the camps are on crystals. One user calls it ‘utter nonsense’.



After a particularly rough couple of years that has taken its toll on our mental health and general wellbeing, could crystals be a tiny but tangible act of self-care that we could all stand to benefit from? The jury might be out on the empirical evidence, but their psychological effect is undeniable. Jenna Dewan bathes with them, Uma Thurman ‘grounds’ herself with them, Gisele collects them, and Adele admits to using them to combat stage fright. And with one of Kim Kardashian’s perfume lines inspired by her healing crystal journey, we asked Tori Boughey, holistic health coach and founder of Kylie Jenner’s favourite crystal jewellery company T-Balance, to unpack the myths surrounding crystal culture and to discuss the properties of these precious stones:

What are crystals and how do they work?

‘Crystals are natural occurring minerals that have been used for their ornamentation and sacred healing properties for thousands of years. They are a form of holistic healing – meaning that they tap in to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Crystals have the ability to heal us from the inside out using their incredibly sensitive energetic powers. They can protect against and alleviate negative or harmful energy and promote the flow of positive healing energy into the mind and body.’

Each crystal has its own unique healing properties and energies. Some are uplifting, energising and motivational

‘Others are calming, soothing and allow you to access your intuition. There is a crystal to help you manifest money and abundance (Citrine), a crystal to improve concentration (Sodalite) and a crystal to help you feel love and compassion (Rose Quartz). Whatever you might be trying to draw into your life, there is a crystal to help you do it.’

‘The energy of crystals is very sensitive – they can pick up vibrations from other people or situations so I suggest cleansing your crystals with Sage or Palo Santo whenever you feel intuitively that their energy needs to be refreshed. I also like to program my crystals – this is when you dedicate a purpose for which you will use the crystal. Simply hold the crystal, think about what you want to use it for and say aloud what its purpose is e.g. “I will use this crystal to gain inspiration and motivation at work”.’

What are the common misconceptions about crystals and wellness?

‘I think some people think that in order to work with crystals you need a lot of background knowledge and that’s simply not the case. Crystals and wellness should be something that is accessible by everyone, no matter your background or where you are on your spiritual journey. They don’t have to be expensive either – you can buy small affordable crystals that can be just as powerful as investing in big showstopper crystals for the home. Feeling connected to the crystal, that is all that matters.’

‘I suppose the biggest misconception is that crystal healing doesn’t work, or that it promises instant transformation. Crystals should be seen as a tool to help you, not as a one stop shop to fix problems. Crystals work best when they are paired with the power of intention, not just bought and forgotten about’

Why should we be investing in crystals and what are the long-term benefits?

‘I encourage all of my clients to invest in crystals if they can. There is simply nothing more important than investing in your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and these precious stones are something you can keep forever – their properties will never expire or fade. If you find yourself drawn to a particular stone or bracelet it is most likely because it is something you need in your life. We pair our bracelets with positive words; love, create, peace – words that pair with the crystal that will every day remind you to strive towards what you want to bring in to your life – investing in yourself and your desires is the best thing you can do.’

‘The long term benefits of using crystals depends on which stones you’re actually using but you can expect some long term benefits to include a greater sense of calm, a consistently harmonious living environment, improved concentration and deeper connection to yourself and your spirituality. I have spent the last 5 years surrounded by crystals in my home and office and my life has never felt so harmonious and peaceful.’

What are your top tips for achieving peace, mindfulness and setting goals for the year ahead?

1. Check in with yourself: ‘I definitely find peace and mindfulness in taking small moments throughout my day to check in with myself and reconnect. For me, peace definitely comes from within and I feel that if I have a couple of things that I do daily or weekly, it definitely allows me to feel calm and mindful. My favourite activities include writing in my gratitude journal, taking long walks to connect to nature and long baths.’

2. Concentrate on breathing: ‘If you’re needing a moment to just unwind and you’re not able to do any of those things, just focus on your breathing. Taking mindful deep breaths have physiological benefits and this is a tool you can tap in to at any time.’

3. Customise your crystals: ‘I also find the process of choosing my bracelets in the morning to be a really mindful moment in my day. I take a moment to check in with myself and connect to what I maybe need that day and will choose my crystal pieces accordingly. Today I’m wearing our Carnelian Power and Clear Quartz Energy bracelets to energise me as we are moving offices and I need the strength and creativity to set everything up!’

4. Set measurable goals: ‘My number one tip for goal setting is to set goals that are measurable. For example, instead of setting the goal of reading more this year, set yourself a goal of a certain number of books you want to read. Creating concrete goals that you can measure makes them much more achievable and easier to track your progress throughout the year.’

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