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 July 2

by Carolina


Actress Katherine Heigl joined advocates in an effort to help improve life for wild horses in Utah.

Heigl and ralliers gathered for the “Wild Horse and Burro Freedom Rally” on the south steps at Utah’s State Capitol Friday morning.

They want President Biden to stop wild horse round-ups of the Onaqui herd living on Bureau of Land Management land.

The Onaqui are wild horses specific to Utah.

Government leaders say the round-ups are needed for population control.

Advocates argue the government’s motive only looks out for ranchers and farmers to benefit businesses with livestock.

Ralliers call the roundups inhumane and say they often lead to the horses dying from injuries or in slaughterhouses.

They said there are better ways to manage the herd.

The advocacy groups have sent two letters; one to the Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, another to the President. The Biden administration has since answered.

“They sent down a press release saying they are continuing with the round-ups on July the 12th, so we are going to double down, we have a ton of people here so it’s important we scream louder and louder,” Executive Director and Chief Lobbyist Marty Irby, with Animal Wellness Action based out of Washington, D.C. explained.

Heigl, a horse lover herself, said preliminary conversations haven’t gone anywhere and the rally is part of their last-ditch effort towards change.

She hopes all this will lead to bigger conversations.

“We just haven’t gotten there. So here we are, getting noisy.” The actress and Co-founder of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation said.

She said when she heard what was happening to these horses she was disgusted and couldn’t believe it. She is asking people to get in contact with their representatives to let them know they’re against the round-up.

A court hearing on this process is scheduled for next week.

Heigl and others hope they can buy more time and delay the scheduled round-up on July 12.

They hope to convince leaders to instead consider what they see as more humane options for population control that won’t harm the animals.

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