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 September 24

by Carolina

Carey Hart’s subvertebral disc replacement has been successful.

A 46-year-old star with Willow Sage (10), Jameson Moon (4) and his wife Pink, has recently had to undergo surgery after multiple spinal fractures during his BMX career. The surgery was good and he was walking within a few hours.

Taking him to Instagram, he wrote:

“I’ve happened five times now. I’m especially grateful to @discmd, Dr. Bray for the surgery, and Leila for making this really happen. The staff here is amazing. Bolt this team. I’m very lucky to have it. I’m back with me. I’m happy to have a company in my fusion to replace M6 discs. “

Carrie is also ready to return to his dirt bike next year.

He added:

“And a special thank you to my wonderful wife / nurse for taking great care of me through all this. I love your baby. To all my friends who wished good luck. Thank you. I can’t see the phone well. I’ll reply when I can read it again. “

Carey Hart’s Successful Surgery | Celebrities

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