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 October 17

by Carolina

Cardi B attributed the US school system to the ignorance surrounding “race, ethnicity, and nationality.”

Chart-top rapsters, daughters of Dominica’s father and Afro Trinidad’s mother, attacked “uncultured pigs” on Twitter, but insisted that they should not blame their ignorance.

Along with a video discussing the Dominican population, Cardy wrote: “Especially for the Caribbean islands, for uncultivated pigs who do not understand the differences in race, ethnicity, and nationality. Sic.”

In the video, the narrator explains: “The Dominicans are one of the most diverse ethnic groups in the world and have been identified as having a mixture of about 73% of the population. Historically, this was the first Spanish settlement in the Americas. The first place to transport African slaves to the New World. “

Earlier this year, Cardy lamented a “one-sided” history class taught in an American school.

Born and raised in New York City, the “WAP” hit maker used Twitter at the time to educate Americans about the history of her ancestors.

She states: “One more thing I want to make clear to Americans. Colonization did not happen only in the United States. In fact, the first diaspora boats and slaves arrived in the Dominican Republic. Their colonists Spain And France. (In the original text) “

Later, Cardy, 29, suggested that Americans did not have enough information about important historical events.

She said, “I wish I could talk more about the history and one-sided history these schools are giving us. In addition to this whole” Latin lesson “I am giving you, I There’s a lot I’ve learned when talking about it. I feel like the government will turn me off. I tell myself about it. (Sic) “

Cardi B blames US school system for “cultural ignorance” | Celebrities

Source link Cardi B blames US school system for “cultural ignorance” | Celebrities

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