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 January 9

by Carolina

Kids and teachers have been through a lot since COVID-19 started. Now, as Canada is in the midst of an Omicron wave, a few famous faces are helping out by brightening up online classrooms.

On January 5, Gerry Dee – the comedic star of Mr. D and the host of Family Feud Canada – posted a call out to his Twitter.


DM me a ZOOM link and a time TODAY & TOMORROW you have a remote class happening & I will jump on and chat to your students. Gives you a little break!

Will get to as many as I can.

I won’t tell you ahead of time so just let me in if you see me waiting. DM’s open!

— Gerry Dee (@gerrydee) January 5, 2022

Thanks to all the teachers and students who let me visit their on-line classes yesterday & today. It was such a pleasure to meet as many of you as I did. Stay safe everyone.

— Gerry Dee (@gerrydee) January 6, 2022

He invited teachers to DM him a remote class link and he promised to jump on to give the teachers a break.

“Thanks to all the teachers and students who let me visit their on-line classes,” he wrote in a follow-up. “It was such a pleasure to meet as many of you as I did.”

Then, inspired by Gerry Dee, Hal Johnson – from BodyBreak – tweeted out the same offer to teachers and kids.

TEACHERS hi it’s Hal

DM me your virtual link and a time Tuesday or Wednesday that you have a remote class & I will jump on and give you and the kids a Bodybreak!

Inspired by @gerrydee

— BodyBreak (@bodybreak) January 9, 2022

Teachers who want to get a BodyBreak for their online classes can DM the Canadian star.

Elder Millenials might remember the 90-second long BodyBreak segments featuring Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod that used to play on Canadian television in the 90s’.

The BodyBreak callout has gotten a big response so far on social media with teachers eager to invite the stars to their classes.

This is unreal. Coolest thing I’ve seen in 2022!

— YTTIMZ = SMITTY (@dachshundville) January 9, 2022

DM’d you. Not sure who would enjoy this more… my students or ME (80s child and big fan of your body breaks)!

— A. Campbell (@AshleyC9420) January 9, 2022

For the teachers, a BodyBreak might be nostalgia overload, and hopefully, the kids can learn the importance of keeping fit and having fun while they’re at it.

Original posted at dailyhive.com

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