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 April 22

by Carolina

Activision officially releases Call of Duty Warzone’s live-action season 3 trailer following its leak online a few weeks ago.

call fo duty warzone live action season 3 trailer

Call of Duty Warzone‘s season 3 technically started yesterday on April 21, with the Nuke Event that obliterated the Verdansk map and left players on Rebirth Island. However, today marks the season’s official launch, and in celebration of that, Activision finally released the Warzone season 3 trailer. It leaked online a few weeks back, so fans may have already seen it, but, like the season itself, today marks its official release.

Activision opted to make Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Season 3 trailer a live-action event and brought on a ton of different celebrity guest stars to make it happen. In the span of a little over two minutes, 13 different faces appear, all of them being well-known Call of Duty players from various backgrounds, namely hip hop, streaming, and sports. The music punctuating the shootout between everyone happens to appropriately be AC/DC’s very recognizable Thunderstruck track.

While everyone appearing in the trailer is popular for something, it’s certainly possible some viewers may not know many of them simply by their face. Call of Duty players tend to be all sorts of ages, and so a celebrity that became famous outside their time may not be familiar. With that in mind, in tentative order, here’s who appears:

  • Young Thug
  • Gunna
  • Rocky No Hands
  • Jack Harlow
  • Druski
  • AJ Tracey
  • Nadeshot
  • Saweetie
  • Michelle Viscusi,
  • Swae Lee
  • Jack Grealish
  • Dennis Schroder
  • Mookie Betts

Strangely enough, the trailer sees the celebrities playing through Verdansk before the Nuke Event, which subsequently changed the face of the map. When season 3 officially starts, it will revise Verdansk, making it look like something from the ’80s. It will also give it Cold War-era influences to keep it in line with Black Ops Cold War, the current mainline Call of Duty game. As a result, some of Verdansk’s original areas will stay the same, but others will undergo subtle and changes or complete reworks. In addition, season 3 will debut a few new areas for players to explore.

Overall, the trailer captures the scope of what Activision has planned for Warzone Season 3, as it’s one of the most star-studded trailers the publisher has released so far. It even features one of its guests as Wraith, a new operator for players to take control of by completing the Season 3 Battle Pass, and possibly even during the Hunt for Adler event. Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 has already launched, so anyone interested in finding out can find out for themselves.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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