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 March 22

by Carolina

Ron Perlman on board a CAL aircraft with an unidentified passenger

(CNS): A Cayman Airways crew is currently in quarantine and some staff members have been suspended from duty after a breach of COVID-19 protocols aboard a Miami flight this weekend, when staff and passengers removed their masks in order to take pictures with actor Ron Perlman, who was on the Saturday flight. Cayman Airways Limited (CAL) issued a press release acknowledging that passengers and crew were caught on camera without masks in the cabin. The airline is now working closely with Public Health to determine the impact of the rule breaking and an investigation is now underway.

CAL management sought to reassure the public, stating in a release that all active Cayman Airways crew for international flights are fully vaccinated, and special safety protocols are in place to ensure that airline staff can perform their function with mitigated risk of contracting and transmitting the virus.

There has been no indication yet from Public Health how many people on the flight were carrying the virus because the test results have not been released. However, past test results demonstrated that the Miami flight continues to bring home residents and travellers who test positive on arrival at the airport despite previous negative tests.

Everyone on board will now be in quarantine for 14 days since the new reduction in quarantine for those who are negative on arrival and who have been fully vaccinated does not come into effect until today.

However, in the face of the continued strict protocols regarding the admission of travellers from overseas, there has been consistent public concern that the rules are not being applied equally and in some cases sanctions are not being applied.

Original posted at caymannewsservice.com

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