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 May 21

by Carolina

Celebrities have begun reacting to the results of the federal election, with Scott Morrison copping a savage roasting.

Celebrities have begun reacting to the results of the federal election, with Scott Morrison copping a savage roasting.

Abbie Chatfield, radio presenter and television personality, posted a picture of herself and her friends raising their middle fingers to an image on a mobile phone of Mr Morrison giving his concession speech.

“Bye babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” she wrote. “Hope you know everyone in this club was happy when I told them u lost.”

In a series of Instagram stories she showed her friends celebrating Mr Morrison’s loss at a bar.

The 26-year-old previously said young people who intend to vote for Scott Morrison must “lack empathy” or education.

“I really am thinking, or hoping, that in the next 10 or 15 years, as people who vote for the Liberal Party literally die out, and also metaphorically die out in they way they’re thinking, I really do think that eventually our two-party system will be the Greens [on] the left and then Labor will be more like how we see the Liberals now,” she wrote.

British TV chef Nigella Lawson, who is currently touring down under, tweeted: “What a night to be in Australia!”

Author and social commentator Jane Caro said Anthony Albanese’s win was a win for women.

“I said from day one that women would bring this election home and they have,” she wrote.

Mr Albanese has also been congratulated by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Congratulations on your election as Prime Minister of Australia,” the British Prime Minister wrote.

“I look forward to working with you as we reap the rewards of our comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, the AUKUS partnership and the unmatched closeness between the British and Australian people.”

Mr Morrison meanwhile was roasted on a popular American late-night talk show as Australians took to the polls.

In the opening segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where Colbert shares news in a comedic way, he took aim at Mr Morrison – just hours before polls closed down under.

“Ever since Morrison was elected, the Australian PM has been dogged by scandal, everything from allegations of racism to his friendship with a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist,” Colbert said, as Australian media reports were shown on screen.

“That’s not good – of course down there politicians’ reputations go down the drain counterclockwise.”

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