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 October 5

by Carolina

Britney Spears is grateful to the #FreeBritney movement for helping to “liberate” her.

The “Womanizer” singer recently saw her father, Jamie Spears, suspending her role as a co-guardian of her property and bidding to remove her guardian altogether 13 years later. She pays homage to their continued voice supporters, a campaign to regain control of her life.

She tweeted: “# FreeBritney Movement … I have no words … For your constant resilience that frees me from you and my protection … My life is in that direction now !! !!

“I cried for two hours last night because the fans are the best and I know it. I feel your heart and you feel mine … what I know is true !! !!! (sic) “

The 39-year-old star previously admitted that his father was excited to move his life forward after leaving his position, but she realizes that she still needs to “heal”. ..

She wrote on Instagram: !!!! Only through self-love can I pray … love … and in return support others !!!! “

Last week, a Los Angeles judge decided that Jamie, who manages her daughter’s property, was “unacceptable,” and he submitted a document about adult guardianship to a temporarily appointed certified accountant, John Zabel. I was ordered to do it. Guardian of pop star estate. Jody Montgomery, who manages Britney’s daily well-being and medical decisions, will continue her role for the foreseeable future.

This ruling is an important victory for Britney, who has been under the power of attorney for the past 13 years and has previously asked his father and those involved in managing her business to go to jail.

In an emotional court plea earlier this year, she said:

“I really believe this guardianship system is abusive. I don’t think I can live a full life. In the meantime, I want this therapist to come to my house, I don’t want to go to West Lake … they set up send me to the most exposed places. I need your help. This conservation activity, including my dad and my management Anyone involved in … they should be put in jail. “

Britney Spears thank fans | Celebrities

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