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 August 8

by Carolina

Brian May has branded Eric Clapton and another anti-baker “Fruitcake”.

The Queen’s guitarist claimed that the “Wonderful Tonight” hitmaker was still his “hero,” but the 76-year-old musician’s anti-blocking stance and recent pledge not to play on gigs with evidence of immunization. Admitted that their views on many issues are different, participation in the coronavirus is required.

Asked about Eric’s views and the anti-Vaxer as a whole, Brian told the Independent:

“We disagree because he thinks it’s okay to shoot animals for fun, but I never stop respecting the man.

“I’m sorry Antibacs people, I think they’re fruitcakes. There’s a lot of evidence that vaccinations can help. Overall, they were very safe. No matter what medicine you take, there’s always something It has side effects, but I’m sorry to say that the vaccine is a trick to kill you, it goes into a jar of fruitcake for me. “

The 74-year-old Rocker also blew up British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a pandemic decision, claiming that some of his disgust was “totally unacceptable.”

“I think it was impossible for anyone to make a worse decision than Boris.

“In all respects, he was too few and too late. Hundreds, if not thousands, of our relatives went for bad advice, and Boris went with Hancock and others. Died because of a bad decision.

“If he had taken precautions to close the border a year ago, we wouldn’t be in a situation like us, and he exchanges lives very openly for financial gain. The fact that I’m willing to do that is horrifying … completely unacceptable.

“It’s like a bomb is falling when Winston Churchill goes out into the yard and sees an airplane overhead and a body falling. The bomb is falling. Need to hide? No, no Think about the financial implications of actually hiding … “

Meanwhile, last month, the UK Government confirmed that vaccination certification would be a legal requirement at the venue from the end of September.

In response, Eric said in a statement: “Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, July 19, 2021, I am honored to make my own announcement. There is a discriminated audience. Unless there is a provision for everyone to participate. I reserve the right to cancel the show. “

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