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 October 17

by Carolina

HIGHLY promising Sennachie youngster Celebrity Aisha will be given a month’s break from racing after her stylish win in a 520m Lady Trainer’s Trophy at Ipswich on Saturday night.

Celebrity Aisha, winner of the celebrated Eric Thomson Maiden at Albion Park back in July, has now started seven times for four wins and a second.

Raced by long-time Robinson client Mick Compton, Celebrity Aisha held off Spring Sonic and Shrouded to win the Lady Trainer’s Trophy in 30.67.

“We were very confident because she had trialled 30.23 at Ipswich prior to the race,” said Denise.

“We have such high hopes for her and her litter sister Runaway Babe, but they are young and we want to give them every chance to mature.

“That’s why we will give Celebrity Aisha a month off racing.

“We expect her to become a smart bitch when she gets over more ground. At the moment, she is still a bit naïve.”

The Robinsons are amazed at the progress of her litter sister Runaway Babe.

“When she first came to us as a pup, she was petrified,” said Denise.

Albion Park Thur July 28 2022

2022 (Listed) Eric Thomson Memorial Final. 520m

1st – Box 4 Celebrity Aisha (Sennachie – Celebrity Babe) – Denise Robinson

2nd – Box 7 Hello Shane – Cyndie Elson

3rd – Box 5 Motivational – Jemma Daley

30.26 (5.67 – 11.84 – 12.75) 3 1/2 x 6 pic.twitter.com/WhzIppg1Og

— John Brasch (@Bunny_Brasch) July 28, 2022

“Gary Caden in Perth had bought her and his mum, Shirley is a great friend and a great help to us here.

“But, the bitch was so petrified we had even approached the adoption program about taking her, even before she was educated.

“But the adoption program said it could be six months before she got into the program so we decided to send her to John Collins at Postman’s Ridge to be educated.

“In the meantime, I would lay out in the back yard all the time, every day with her to try to gain her confidence. I’d feed her treats as often as I could.

“In all the years we have been training greyhounds, she is the worst we have even encountered.”

John Collins rang back in a month and reported the bitch showed potential.

Denise put Runaway Babe into training and she has won five of nine, all over 395m at Albion Park.

“We still have to keep kidding to her all the time, but he is racing well and her record is great,” she said.

“We will put her up over 500 metres soon.

“They are two very promising young bitches with bright futures.”

Original posted at www.thegreyhoundrecorder.com.au

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