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 September 4

by Carolina

When it comes to Project Runway, fans have just as many critiques for the judges as the judges do for the competing designers. Celebrity guest judges tend to be put under a microscope, especially with some fans being particularly vocal about their preference for judges that are bonafide fashion industry professionals.

Fans with this preference tend to moonlight as Reddit users and aren’t shy about sharing their opinions about Project Runway‘s celebrity guest judges. While many users were united in their love for Michael Kors as a judge, other users pointed out a couple of celebs who made great impressions on the show.

10 Serena Williams

Sereena Williams talks to Nina Garcia as a woman looks on in Project Runway.

Even before Serena Williams went on Project Runway, Reddit users were excited to see what she would bring to the table as the season 18 finale celebrity guest judge. Some users started off the conversation by hyping up her fashion credentials, stating, “Haven’t you been reading all the buzz on her outfits on the court lately? I think it’s a solid choice.”

Another user wrote, “I’m excited for Serena. She’s known for pushing the envelope with her tennis outfits. She’s not afraid to have a strong opinion. I look forward to hearing her thoughts on the collections.”

9 Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe leans on Michael Urie backstage in Project Runway.

One Reddit user wasn’t as particular as other users in how they discern their favorite celebrity guest judge. While certain viewers were adamant about judges possessing some sort of history in the fashion industry, this fan enjoyed Gabourey Sidibe as a judge because of her unique fashion philosophy.

They wrote, “I thought it was the single most hilarious quote from a guest judge when [Sidibe] said, ‘Sometimes I judge clothes based on whether I think Beyoncé would wear them.'” This is pretty solid reasoning considering Beyoncé is a quadruple threat: She sings, dances, acts, and is très a la mode.

8 Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne talks to someone offscreen in Project Runway.

Viewers who tune into Project Runway typically come for the creativity, designs, and fashion, and they stay for all the same reasons. This is why it’s so important to fans that celebrity guest judges add fashion industry value to the judging panel.

Fortunately, Kelly Osbourne had been around the fashion block by the time she guest judged on seasons 12 and 14 and served as a regular judge on Project Runway: Junior. This Reddit user wrote, “Kelly had experience from Fashion Police. That gives her real experience with good and bad in the fashion world.”

7 Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne looks over at Kelly Osbourne as a woman looks on in Project Runway.

Bella Thorne was a surprising addition to many Reddit users’ lists of their favorite Project Runway celebrity guest judges. In season 14, Thorne proved her chops as an insightful judge of a lingerie challenge.

One Reddit user wrote, “Bella Thorne has a good eye. I’d watch her critique again … I was originally skeptical because she just seems like the teenage It Girl right now, but I thought she had some good insight last night.” Another user agreed, stating: “I think they should bring her back for more critiques.”

6 Debra Messing

Debra Messing sits with Heidi Klum and the judges in Project Runway.

Debra Messing is a familiar face on Project Runway, serving as a guest judge on both the regular seasons and the All Stars seasons. This has helped her build a rapport with viewers, some of whom are hoping she eventually is a permanent fixture on the show.

This Reddit user wrote, “So can Karen Elson or Debra Messing come back? How about to host? I think they are great judges. Regular Project Runway worthy. I’d rather see them as guest judges every single week.”

5 Miss Piggy

Split image of Miss Piggy posing with Angela Lindvall & the rest of the judges in Project Runway.

Before Miss Piggy staged her return on Disney+’s Muppets Now, she appeared as a guest judge on Project Runway. While not every Reddit user was on board with this choice, others acknowledged it for what it was: a fun change to the usual line-up of celebrity guest judges.

One user wrote, “That was a fun show. Really beats out the Dixie cup and many of the other challenges.” Another Redditor added, “Miss Piggy is a fashion icon. I would be privileged to be judged by her.”

4 Diane Von Furstenburg

Diane von Fürstenberg walks down the runway in Project Runway.

DVF might not be as common of a household name outside of the fashion world, but to Project Runway fans, she’s a legend. When she wasn’t filming House of DVF, she could be spotted on the Project Runway judging panel absolutely crushing it.

One Reddit user boldly declared, “I love Diane Von Furstenburg. She’s better than all the rest including Anna Wintour.” Another user agreed, stating, “DVF is probably the best guest judge they’ve ever had.” And another user even posited that they “want her as the host for [her soothing voice] and her knowledge of the industry.”

3 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, Nina Garcia, & Michael Kors look at the fashion on the runway in Project Runway.

To this day, the first 10 seasons of Project Runway are beloved by fans, with many taking to Reddit to continue their discussions of these seasons. One name thrown around quite a bit is Jessica Simpson, who made quite the impression on viewers for not only being a fashion businesswoman but also for her support of Mondo Guerra, one of the best Project Runway contestants to date.

One Reddit user summed it up simply, stating, “Jessica Simpson impressed me.” Another user added, “She fought passionately for a Mondo win and knows her stuff.”

2 Tracee Ellis Ross

Split image of Tracee Ellis Ross on the judges panel & Tim Gunn talking in Project Runway.

Beyond her impressive and lengthy IMDb page full of beloved movies and TV shows, Tracee Ellis Ross also has a Project Runway credit after serving as a celebrity guest judge on season 14. Fans especially were fond of Tracee Ellis Ross because of her fun personality and fashionable sense of style.

Reddit user wrote, “I really liked Tracee Ellis Ross.” Another Redditor agreed, stating, “Me too. Tracee has a dope sense of style to me.”

1 Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones looking intense while writing on her notecards with another judge in Project Runway.

Leslie Jones may be known as a hilarious comedian, but she’s also made a name for herself as a must-have judge on reality competition shows. In addition to appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Leslie Jones also served as a celebrity guest judge on season 18 of Project Runway.

One Reddit user asserted, “Leslie Jones is top-tier guest judge material.” Another user chimed in with, “I did enjoy when Leslie Jones was all about Geoffrey’s look.” Still another Redditor added, “I love her commentary. It would be a little much to have all the time but she made me laugh.”

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