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 August 5

by Carolina

People are burnt out from the fakeness of social media — the days of curated feeds, Facetuned figures, and flawless selfies are crashing and burning as people crave more authentic content that they can actually relate to. Just think of all the Kardashian Photoshop fails in recent years, and the growing evidence that social media is having a negative mental health effect on adolescents with its unrealistic body standards, one-sided “highlight reels” of people’s lives, and the pressure to curate a “perfect” digital image. Enough is enough: But not all Hollywood figures are part of the problem.

Most of the time, celebrities are the least relatable people on the planet, but there are more than a few famous figures who are authentic and candid in both their shared thoughts and photos on Instagram — think Hilarie Burton Morgan unabashedly embracing her graying hair, Blake Lively making fun of her hilarious drawn-on heels moment, Ciara sharing silly Reels of her and her kids, and more.

If you’re looking to fill your feed with inspiring celebs who keep it real about mental health, body image, being weird and silly, parenting struggles, and other relatable but somehow taboo traits when it comes to social media, hit the follow button on these stars’ refreshingly real Instagram accounts.

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